Sunday, August 24, 2008

We got to fix that hair

Brought Jayden to Fidgets last Sunday to book the place for his coming 1 year old party. We simply loved the place as it's bright and spacious. Only drawback is the ulu location though we were very much surprised by the crowd there.

We have been delaying for the upteen time to get his 1st hair cut. I attempted to trim the sides once but mission failed. We thought that once the hair gets longer, it'll kind of 'fall in place'. But we were so wrong!! His hair is like static! It keeps standing up! On close up, he looks fine but in photos, he looked like a terrible hair day. :(

Further evidence...

Jayden obviously having fun despite his unglam image...

And taken with mummy with her hair extensions! hehe

Most of the photos were taken with his lips pursed, think he's teething again. Last count 4 top, 4 bottom!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random updates

In less than 3 months time, Jayden will no longer be an infant and officially be upgraded to the toddler category. Which would mean lesser privileges to many things especially the free pass to most playgyms. Haha....

His 1st word @ 9 months - Pa Pa (Unfortunately :( )

Thereafter, he started to babble many other gibberish - Ah Pa (He actually meant Apple, his favourite fruit), Ma Ma (think he meant "mum mum") but still no signs of Mummy or Daddy. :(

Despite all that, it's truely amazing to witness Jayden starting to form words of his own and trying to make sounds to show his disapproval or getting our attention.

Other than his social skills, Jayden has also successfully mastered the art of cruising around every single furniture in the house. He has also successfully traumatized me yet again by attempting to show me with his hands high up that he could stand without support for that mere seconds before losing his balance and dropping on the floor. I can definitely see his eagerness to learn how to stand/walk.

Right now, I'm just busy prepaing and planning for his upcoming 1st birthday bash. Although I know he wouldn't know how to appreciate, but I'm sure the photos and videos taken will serve as a memory to him years down that Daddy and Mummy loves him alot!

Eat your ABCs

- ABC pasta
- Minced Beef
- Onions
- Capsicum
- 1 cube of carrot, potato & brocolli puree

Having fed Jayden the same ole fish porridge for the past 2 months, I decided to introduce a new variety of food. Bought the ingredients on Fri night and was eager to make his pasta lunch on Sat.

As usual, Jayden woke up at 1pm, in a daze, and I propped him in his high chair, put on his bib and got him all ready to be served. He took on the 1st mouthful quite apprehensively. And then started to take on more once he got used to the taste & texture. I was quite happily feeding the lil terror until he started to make the 'vomit' face. Is it the BEEF or the PASTA? Thinking that he didn't like the texture, I decided to puree it instead. NO LUCK. He wouldn't take another mouth. :( Half a bowl of pasta WASTED.

Maybe I should try chicken next time.