Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feb is all about foodie trips

So this is where we went at the start of Feb for a quick getaway. The last time we went to Bangkok, it was in 2006. 6 YEARS AGO... *gasp*

So to "re-live" the moment, we decided to go back to Siam Novotel, where we stayed then. But this time, we took the premier club room. What is the difference?

You get a kinky see-through bathroom!!! A touch of a switch, you can see the room from inside the toilet!

It's pure raw honey!!! You cut the honeycomb with your knife and you get pure awesomeness honey for your waffles/pancakes!!!

Very random photo of myself. Just want to show the sharpness of my normal digital camera. Hehehehe....

And the eating fest begins!!!!!

This is a very random shot but I assure you it was no easy task. Especially with a 慢三排 hubby, we failed to take a decent photo with the water fountain until like xxxxx-th time.

Tom yum goong - Checked

Pad Thai - Checked

Mango Sticky Rice - Checked


I am ashamed to witness that 50% of the time and photos, my mouth is open.... Heh. Not a very nice sight but who can resists good drool-worthy food at drop-pants price!!! Of course, other than eating, eating and more eating, we also did what every tourists would do - massages, combing The Platinum Mall, Chatuchak, making tailor shirts, joining the Naraya frenzy.

There were also 2 significant things that happened twice when we were overseas. While we were in Bangkok, we had an offer to our house, the buyer was so eager, they came to our house the moment we touched down!!! Count our blessings, we sold our place with a reasonably good offer. :)

Perhaps that explains the severe shopping damage below...