Saturday, July 25, 2009

The month of July

July has to be the craziest month.

There were playdates, weddings, birthday celebrations and many other happy occasions that kept us busy for the entire month.

So where were we in July?

We attended a plutocrat wedding in Jakarta - a wrong time to be there for we were spending half our time stuck in the atrocious jam and election day.

Of course, before we departed, we made sure our boy slept soundly. So we drugged his drink.

And tried to pack him into our lugguage to avoid paying the extra airport tax.

Of course, all the dirty tricks didn't work and Jayden spent the night over at in-laws place.

Back to the wedding...

So there we were, in the middle of the busiest town in Jakarta, amidst the 5,000 streaming guests and array of food attending one of the, no, THE MOST extravagant wedding of the century.

There were flower bouquets, banners with well wishes to the wedding couple all lined up at the hotel & ballroom entrance.

And when I say extravagant, I meant like this... ...

A 10-tier REAL cake in the center of a ballroom that would house the 5,000 guests

All props and settings were told to be customised according to the theme. The main stage alone cost 10 grand. If one would wonder what's the theme, I could only think of for the ROYAL FAMILY.

Platters & platters of good food. If only they had foie gras too...

Live band

Us all ready to head down for the action

I was pretty self assured that I went prepared and appropriately dressed until I saw the rest of the guests - my self esteemed inflated instantaneously. I felt like I've walked into a fashion road show. Men were donned in branded suits, women in custom fit evening gowns parading with the latest shape of designer labels, blinding us with the rocks the size of a ping pong ball. (Ok I exaggerated but you get the drift)

The bride, groom and their gorgeous entourage

One thing I liked about the wedding was the TIMING. Started at 730 and ended at 1030pm. Punctual and we avoid the risk of hearing tummy thunders.


Either we got bored entertaining our attention seeking son, or we chose the easy way out. What better way than to have him mingle with friends his size and age.

Ball pit and Barney always do the trick

July used to be a very special month for me. Other than being our courtship anniversary, it is also my birthday month. I never had friends who were borned in the month of July which makes my birthday even more 'unique' and 'individual'.

Well, that was until 28 years later, where we have 2 of our closest friends whose son's birthday falls a week apart in each other.

Davion turning 1 on 14 July

Jayden imagining he is Daddy's Superboy

On the way to Ziv's birthday party

Goofy smile from the son with birthday boy - Ziv turning 2 on 19 July

Barney - You're mine!

Celeste must have spent a bomb on the Barney pinata. And I spent half the day trying to keep Jayden's hands away from it.

So what comes next in August?

My birthday post comes next first...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is the way...

He does not exactly knows how to brush his teeth yet. This is the way Jayden sucks the toothbrush like it's the sweetest lollipop he has ever tasted.

Jayden demands to have his teeth brushed every time he finishes his meals. Hopefully, it's the start of cultivating good dental habits.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do I wish for?

In just less than 12 hours, I will turn 29 - my last year of 20s.

I have not been putting alot of thoughts into it until it suddenly dawned upon me that I am no longer YOUNG. :(

I must admit that despite the age, I am glad I have come this far. Having a husband, a child and most importantly - growing as a family. And of course, not forgetting the closest friends who never failed to remember this day is MY DAY. I am looking forward to the day we still say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to each other 50 years down the road and badgering each other with a stick in our hand. Hehehe...

I am not sure if it's the age or that I've grown out of the things that I desired. When people start asking me "What do I want for my birthday?", I often find myself thinking, "I don't need anything, at least nothing material." Or perhaps, I have already found the best gift for myself - Jayden.

Nowadays, Jayden will call me in the sweetest chipmunk voice, "Mommy, come", "Mommy, sleep", "Mommy, feed". I have to be involved in his every activity - which I find very endearing.

When I'm around, he only allows me to cuddle in bed with him, holds his hand and bathe him, which of course makes Daddy very very jealous. We're not sure why he has this preferrance since I play the bad parent all the time. But I'm enjoying the affection. :)

I often find myself hugging him, slobbering his face with kisses like a psychopath and telling him endlessly that I love him (which I don't even say to Dylan :P) I guess this is the warmth of being a mother.

So what is my birthday wish for this year? Perhaps very much the same as last and the years to come.

Health & happiness for my family and friends.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

If only it was a crime...

Mummy, look what they did to me when you're not around?

At this moment, I am hopping mad. There were no permission seeked. Not even the slightest mention of it when we called home. All done sneakily behind my back. It wouldn't have mattered a big deal if the least asked for my opinion. Simple basic respect.

Yes, they brought Jayden for a hair shave while I was away. And what drove me up the wall even further was the cut he suffered at the back of his head due to the haircut - AND THAT WAS NOT MENTIONED AT ALL!!!

Every cell in my body is cursing and fuming. Yes, if only it was a crime...