Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today in class we have...

Admist our boring routine to Great World City on a hot Saturday afternoon, we were delighted to see a familiar face for the first time.

Dayan pretending to push little brother Danson?? :)

Free play before the class

Little did we know that it was a "Bring a friend" week. Hence, there were about 16 over toddlers ALL OVER THE PLACE. I must say it was a terrible theme to begin with for the kids had to snatch/grab/steal whatever limited toys they could get their hands on.

Not to forget the overcrowded sing-a-long sessions and the 'cannot-be-seen-better-to-be-forgotten' mystery box. Jayden had to literally nudge the kid in front of him to excuse himself.


Two half naked 'if-you-can-try-to-envisage-six-pack' hunks preparing to paint flowers using their hands

You can tell from the painting that obviously painting flowers is not a men's job.

*chomp chomp chomp* hungry after all the work

We decided to skip this term's classes as the word GARDEN didn't appeal the slightest bit to the boy. And not to mention the unearthly timing of 1115-1245 which ruins the 2 most important life matters - NAP & LUNCH. I know I'm over-exagerrating but it just didn't make sense to go to class with a very empty and grouchy stomach. Not happy parents = not happy son. PERIOD.

Jayden and his signature smile-and-pose before we head out