Thursday, June 26, 2008

Before it was breakfast...

and this time it's dinner!

The boys meet again at Gogobambini! After a good 30 mins of sieving ourselves thru the obstacles, the parents were tired and hungry.

And so we proceeded to Ben & Jerry's for some hot pipping waffles with ice-cream!

P.S. Look at how much the boys have grown and changed! In just a couple more weeks, Ziv turns ONE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This used to be my balcony...

... ... Until Jayden turned it to his playground.

The quiet corner of our house has turned into his little playarea. When we first reno-ed the house our design theme was "Clean, modern, basic colours". But now all of that has gone out of the balcony window. But we're happy with the 'colourful' arrangement so far until Jayden starts ripping out the alphabets on the ABC mat. We have been very very busy keeping the letters in their original place.


A week ago, Celeste and I decided to bring the boys to check out the place at Dempsey. And to prep for this trip, we had schedules, agenda plan, tons of 'meeting' discussions and action plans listed out. But it all went in vain when we arrived at 7pm and found out that it closes at 8pm! -_- Thankfully, the boys went in free because they were still under 1 years old. Hehe... Jayden had so much fun, he practically forgot all about dinner!

In a pool of coloured balls!

Jayden sashaying the bridge with Daddy

Father & son posing for the camera

Overall, the place was nice to hang around if there weren't many kids. The obstacles were too small for us and we had to army crawl, bend, squat, squeeze, whatever our way thru. It was a piece of cake for Jayden though. We'll definitely be back there again! :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

A mother's wish

Some time ago, there were some of these thoughts that came into my mind: -

1) Sometimes, you'd wish that strollers were sold with in-built entertainment system so that it allows you some time-off to eat in peace

2) Most of the time, you wished that his/her 1st word is "Ma Ma" although most of the people and experts say that "Pa Pa" is easier.

3) You'd wished that you had learnt cooking because you still need to cook for the little one even tho you don't have to cook for the husband.

4) You'd wished that babies have the ability to sleep thru the night. Babies are a joy but night feeding is certainly not

5) You'd also wish that there's an encylopedia that decodes everything from baby's needs, feeding, growth, etc

6) Very often, you'd wish that milk companies will stop increasing their prices to make profits out of poor mummies!!!

7) You'd also wish that there weren't so many toys to confuse you to choose from and burn a hole in your pocket.

8) Sometimes you wish that your baby doesn't grow up so fast but at the same time, it's such a joy to see them interacting with the world

9) More than often, you wished that you had muscles to sustain carrying your baby for longer periods of time. And perhaps you might also wished for a good back massage too.

10) All working mummies would agree with me that you'd wish that you can be a SAHM FOR GOOD. :)

11) And lastly but surely, a mother's wish above all of that, will be that their little one to grow up healthy and happy.

So what is your wish?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never Kids21

On Saturday, Liv asked Jayden and I out for dinner. Dylan was just as happy to have a break while Jayden and I hit the town together. So mummy got excited and started preparing the necessities - Pampers, baby wipes, baby bites, hankies, bib, spent the entire afternoon preparing his porridge, bottles, water, milk.

Dylan dropped us at Paragon and armed with the baby bag, Jayden and the stroller, we sashayed our way thru Paragon Kids Level. Jayden was very co-operative throughout the window shopping. I gave him his usual hankie to gnaw on while Liv and I gawked at the exhorbitant prices at Kids21. We were so immerse in the shopping and didn't realized that Jayden had gone all quiet.

Thinking he must have fell asleep, we peered into the stroller and I think I almost hyper-ventilated on the spot. There, looking at me, Jayden MERLIONED. The milk, the prunes and whatever I fed him previously, came gushing out and stained the floors of Kids21. I looked helplessly at Jayden while the sales assistant looked at me in horror. We whizzed Jayden to the changing room, took off his clothes & diapers and with a screaming baby, I suddenly realized.... I prepared everything except CLOTHES.

Thank god we were at Kids Level, thank god for Fox discount vouchers and no thank you I'm never going to step in Kids21 again. I think I'm black-listed.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Then 10 signs of a mother

How to tell that a woman is a mother?

Symptom # 1: - Dark rings under her eyes

Symptom # 2: - Finding her only bookmark in Internet Explorer is “Singapore Motherhood Forum”

Symptom # 3: - She used to lookout for clothes / shoes sales but now she checks out the newspapers for toys, milk & baby stuff sales.

Symptom # 4: - Makes sure she attends every trial class

Symptom # 5: - Internet acronyms used to be LOL, ROFL, TTYL, etc. But now only a mother knows the meaning of CIO, DS, DD, BF, BP and the infamous MIL etc

Symptom # 6: - Suddenly we have to learn the names of the toys again like Dora, Barney, Spongebob, Thomas the Train when only Carebears, Smurf & Sesame Street existed then.

Symptom # 7: -We watch our babies weight more than we watch ours now. We just resigned our weight to fate.

Symptom # 8: - Bulk purchase is addictive.

Symptom # 9: - You used to only sing broken nursery rhymes.

Symptom # 10: - You have a blog