Saturday, January 21, 2012

So we went to the zoo for the N-th time

This has got to be one of the most peculiar child-caring arrangment with the Son. To cut the long story short, we were 'conned' to go to the Zoo - ON OUR OWN - Just the two of us.

But seeing how enthusiastic the son was, I managed to convince every skin cell in my body that the sweltering heat will be worth it. (Mental note: Have to double up the skincare dosage when I go back!)

Jayden is determined to cover every nook and corner of the zoo. He made sure we visited all the animals that he could recognize on the map.

So being a happy kid that day also meant photo perfect for me. *snap snap snap*

To be honest, this is Jayden's first official time in the waterplay. For those who have been to the Zoo with him before would know that the most he would do is get his knees wet. Nothing/nobody touches the hair.

So I'm actually glad that, at the age of 4, he had finally overcome his phobia of water splashing over his head and just be a normal kid and have lots of fun! Next, will be to make him sit on the slide.

We started off the day with me cursing under the sun. But by the end of the day, with the son sleeping peacefully in the car after all the fun, it's evident that spending some family time is immeasurable. :)

On a rather random note, here's wishing everyone a Happy Dragon year in 2012 in abundance of health, wealth and happiness!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye bye 2011

So 2011 came and gone. It whizzed by so fast that I didn't have the time to blog about what had happened for the past 2 months. I am also ashamed to look at the number of posts I had done in 2011 as compared to 2010.

We had alot of "First time" experiences as well so let's re-cap.

Thanks to Adrian, we got a night stay at the renowned MBS. Of course, we had to take a dip at the "must-go" Sky pool regardless of how cold the water was at 8am in the morning! Like tourists, we also walked around the mall for the first time. I know, very suaku.

We celebrated Rene's birthday together with a new addition to the group - baby Mabel! Finally Jayden gets a playmate. Welcome to the world baby Mabel!

And I finally get to go to Universal Studios for the first time! Another suaku moment. All thanks to our company team building event - imagine tonnes of fun at ZERO cost! Sweet.

And for the first time, I muster enough courage to take up the challenge to sit on ALL THE RIDES. Talk about good team spirit. I have no idea where I managed to find the guts to even convince myself to walk up the stairs to The Cylone. But I did and our team won the "Amazing Race"! Prize is free meal ticket to ANY restaurants in Singapore! :D I am thinking Cut, Les Amis, Kunio! Anything to bring a smile to my stomach!

For the past 3 years, it has almost become a ritual to host the X'mas party at our place. This year, we got to make merry at our friends' new houses instead. And for the first time in 5 years at our place, we actually did not bring the X'mas tree out. Dylan is very pleased with the arrangements as it saved up alot of his house-keeping. -_-

First stop, the Tan's abode. Lots of yum-meh food painstakingly cooked by chef Rachel, pressies and alot of blues in the house! A very heartwarming event indeed. Hopefully, we keep this tradition going on for years...

And my two boys opening up their pressies on X'mas day itself. I have intentionally hidden my self-bought gift(s). Tsk tsk. Note the plural form. All I can say is, I'm very satisfied with the purchases. :)

2nd round of merry making at Bon and Trav's new place. Another round of feasting and gift exchanges. I am almost certain that dieting should be shelved up in the month of December.

And finally, we wrapped up the year counting down at the 25th floor with an excellent view of the fireworks! How awesome is that! :D Another "First", this is Jayden's first time counting down with us since the boy is old enough to stay up till 12.

A walk down memory lane in 2011: -

  • Holiday trips - Went HCM, Europe, Hong Kong and Club Med Bali!

  • Baby boom - 5 friends popped - 3 boys and 2 girls!

  • Career - Got double promotion with an excellent remuneration (stayed on the current job for > 3 years. Broke my record) and Dylan changed to a better job

  • Health - Finally got the clean bill after a year of doubts

  • Family - Spent a staycation with my family on Jayden's 4th birthday

  • Indulgence - Spent a 5 figure sum in Europe (something which I would never EVER do), made my 2nd timepiece investment in Aug - a whopping $7.4 grand (after severely influenced by Dylan), bought 2 pairs of extravagant shoes at $400+ each (after laughing at Cel that spending that kind of money on shoes is like stepping on your money. Note to oneself: Never laugh at a friend again). I have come to realize that this kind of indulgence (within my limits) is a necessity in "Living life to the fullest" (even if you don't agree to my methodology)

I am exceptionally glad that 2011 had been fulfilling with so many great things going on. What used to be an uncertainty in my career is finally taking flight, everyone's healthy (minus Dylan's slipped disc) and we visted so many new places in a year.

I hope in the year 2012,

  • Finding a new home - After 5 years in our nest, it is time to move to greener pastures, hopefully a place near Jayden's prospective primary school.

  • More holiday trips - Booked BKK in Feb, going on girls trip to Taiwan in Mar, HK Disneyland in July and hopefully States in Dec!

  • Career - Hope to move on to new roles to move up the ladder. Stay in the same company for the next 2 years. Likewise for Dylan for a smooth sailing career.

  • Health - Everyone to be in the pink

  • Family - Hopefully Jayden to stay in the new school for the next 2 years. Be patient and kind to family members.

  • Bonding - Despite everyone having their own family now, make a point to stay in contact and never stop our traditional celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries, festivals.

  • Indulgence - I am still trying to keep the wallet tight but having bought 10 pieces of clothes for Chinese New Year is not a good sign.

And certainly, to live life to the fullest!