Thursday, August 18, 2011

83 days

Is the number of days we have to countdown to our next holiday... ...

It has become almost like a yearly ritual to celebrate the son's birthday at Club Med.

The conversation with the son goes like this.

Me: "We're going to Phuket this year!" *excited*

J: "Why? I want to stay at home!"

Me: "Zzzzzzzz"

J: "Mommy, there got french fries and milk shake?"

Me: "Yes."

J: "Ok I go!"

Me: "!!!!!!"

I just can't believe it's taking this long to get to that day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the pink

And so another year older has gone for me. I cannot be more than grateful than to have lived another year unscatched, healthier and happier.

I did say I wanted a low profile celebration this year. But this group of friends had never failed, rain or shine, to keep this day free just for me. And this year was another surprise again. They arranged to go to a long lost poly friend's restaurant. Four of us used to hang out together, after lectures, skipping lunch to go to one of their houses for a quick nap and long coffee chats at Starbucks after school. Those were the days... ...

Definitely felt like a superstar that night!

Superb Japanese fushion food! I am salivating as we speak!

Thanks my dear friends for having me in your thoughts as always! Of course, not just the gifts but all the yummy treats as well! I can certainly feel the tightness in my pants now.

Ok, after all the appreciation, it's time to show off. Please bear with me. Bleah.

Gift no. 1: Goyard St Louis GM
Gift no. 2: Classic Chanel logo necklace in Swakorski crystals

Got the hub to get the Goyard St Louis when he was in London. Super happy as we didn't had the time to go to the boutique in Paris. :D
Yes, another bag. *yawn* But bags of different shapes and sizes, patterns and colors, suits for different occasions. So how will one complain about having an extra accessory right? :D

Gift no. 3: Loewe Amazona boston bag in blue slate color

Ok. This was never part of the gift plan. But I'm sure people will understand love at first sight. *goes on digressing and indulging* After having a few shoulder bags, I felt the need to get a hand carry boston bag. And this color, according to the SA is a limited edition shade.

That was it. She said the magic word - LIMITED EDITION. Just take my credit card!!!

Gift no. 4: Gucci zip-around wallet

This was part of the scheme. But after I got Loewe, it was slightly forgotten until I saw this. Similiar shade with my Loewe !! How to miss right! *sigh*

Gift no. 5: Tory Burch belt

This was an impulse buy. I have never own a belt for more than $30. But but but the material was soft, the design was pretty and it was on sale, blah blah blah.


So after all the impulsive self indulgent and getting the limelight, it is also time to reflect.

2010 was a rather traumatic year for me.

I contemplated whether or not to share my life on a public blog. But I thought it served as a good reminder as well and not to take things for granted.

I discovered something and went to do the necessary tests. Thankfully, the results came back negative but the doctor could not pin down the cause of it. It was a constant nightmare having to wonder what was wrong and if the diagnosis was really benign.

After almost what felt like a year, I took up the courage to seek a 2nd opinion and decided to get rid of it from my system. The process was swift but excrutiating. I really hope that is the last of it.

So now, being in the pink of health is my life's priority. I cannot be more thankful that I'm still here receiving love from people who cares about me.

On another note, work has become extremely up my neck. They say with greater power comes greater responsibilities. I got my promotion and a handsome remuneration package. Now I just need the time to spend it. :p