Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water is taboo

When Jayden was still an infant, the fortune teller told us firmly that we have to abstain our child from the water until he's 5 years old.

Obviously, we didn't follow the shifu advise or was it because over-enthusiastic Mummy decided to make full use of his over-size swimwear.

Well, in any case, at least the swimwear doesn't touch his toes now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

When he can't talk, he gestures

Jayden has started to associate with the fact that he's not the only toddler in his own world. It's good to know that we have managed to pull him away from his 'claws of clinginess'. One way was to expose him with more interaction of his 'species', like the following...

Of course, Jayden has also started to display his interactive skills with the older 'species' - such as requesting money from his parents, reminding us things we've promised him and demanding to go for a swim on a very hot day. I guess it wouldn't be long before he enters the "Why" zone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

When you're older... ...

We often wonder... ...

If you would still play with Daddy & Mommy???

Will your hair still stand or will they fall in place?

Will you want to sleep in your own bed and wake up to see us in the morning??

Will Barney still be your best friend???

Will you want to hold our hands as we walk???

Because I'm very sure, Daddy & Mummy wants to do all of that with you for a very very long time... ... :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reminisce of Hokkaido

Yes, we have been back for a while. Except that we're hallucinating that we're still in Japan. It has been the best holiday trip so far, albeit expensive. Every single Yen was well spent.

Imagine waking up to fresh cool air and a view like this... ...

Lake Toya - Our breathtaking view from the window

Definitely a consolation after the 12 hours of gruelling flight (International & Domestic) and land transfer.

The one thing that amazed me about Japan was how they would go thru extra lengths to make life comfortable for their people & tourists. There were vending machines every nook & corner of any place you go to. Vending machines for drinks, cigarettes, panty liners and even pampers!

And their toilets are so clean - no weird urine smell! Each cubicle are meticulously equipped with toilet seat wipes, seat warmer and even a seat to prop your kid safely in while you 'do your business'. I could still dreadly remember how the toilets in Taiwan looked and smell like - I accidently flushed my Tiffany necklace and how impossible it was to even find it amidst the murky water. Still feeling sore about it.

First stop - Shiraoi Ainu Village. Nothing to rave as we weren't interested in their folk dance or the history of their people.

By evening, our stomachs were screaming in protest. We had our 1st dinner Japanese style. My legs were cramping at the end of it. We were supposed to adjourned to the hot spring with the rest of the tour group couples but we chickened out. I don't want to remember them in their bathing suit for the rest of the trip my life.

Our 1st dinner at Lake Toya resort

We KO-ed at 9pm after knowing that we had to get up next day at 6am (5am SG time) o_O That was our first time sleeping on a tata-very uncomfortable-mi

Next morning, we departed for Asahikawa, known to be the 2nd largest city (read: SHOPPING!!!!) in Hokkaido.

While enroute to Asahikawa, we stopped over at Mt Showa for some scenic photography. Please disregard my exaggerated layers of clothes. The weather was only 16 degrees and I was freezing.

See the snow-capped mountain in the background?

Next stop - Bear Ranch

Bear feeding was allowed at 100Yen for a bag of rotten apples. See the red apple going straight into the bear's mouth?

I don't know who looks more scary. Me or the fake bear?

The ONLY full bloom cherry blossom tree we could find. Apparently, we missed the Sakura blossoms by a WEEK. :(

By lunch, we were told that Hotpot will be on the menu. Such nice timing on a cold weather. And how can one miss having crabs and sashimi at one the best seafood place in the world?
While Dylan was busy choosing his crab, I was busy punching the calculator. 1000 Yen = S$15, 5000 Yen = S$75, so 15,000 Yen would be... ...

Before I could grab the legs and throw it back into its tank, Dylan was telling them to "CUT CUT CUT. I want sashimi!"

Salmon sashimi and Toro that MELTS in your mouth

Dylan left the place with a very satisfied stomach, I left the place with a disturbed heart. But still, how can one not indulge in such gastronomic delights when you're on a holiday?!

Unfortunately, by the time we got to Asahikawa city, it was 730pm. Like a kid who didn't get his lollipop, we watched in consternation as each shopping mall closed their doors. 3rd day in Japan and NO SHOPPING done yet.

Day 4 - We left Asahikawa with a bitter heart and headed for Sounkyo.

When you're in Japan, one of the most visit place would be their winery.

Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum

Anyone fancy some sake?

I think the attraction of this place was not the place itself but 4 ADORABLE KAWAII Japanese babies!!

Can you believe it? All 4 of them sat quietly for at least 30 mins for all of us to take turns to have photos taken. No fussing, no fidgetting AT ALL! They would have made the best baby models for photoshoot! So cute I want to bring them home.

Kamiyubetsu - Tulip Park

By the end of Day 4, we were starting to get bored of Hokkaido. Where are all the action?! We want to spend our YEN! I even got reprimanded by Dylan several times as I told him to hold off buying the snacks in case we ran out of cash.

Day 5 - This is the day we bade farewell to the sub-urban area of Hokkaido and head towards Sapporo. Imagine all the shopping-craved aunties even relented to skip some of the sight-seeing stops so that we could have more time to comb the shopping streets!

And when you're in Sapporo, one has got to visit the Chocolate Factory - well known for its biscuits and pastries. So renowned, people were buying their biscuits in boxes of 20s!

Outside the Chocolate Factory

The owner likes to collect vintage toys. This was just 10% of what we saw in his museum.

Otaru - supposedly the most romantic town in Japan

There were quaint shops selling musical boxes, crystal ware evoking a romantic atmosphere.

However, that wasn't the highlight of our last stop for the trip. It has got to be Chitose Factory Outlet Mall! We initially thought the place was just a touch-and-go. We even imaged the place to be crampy, with piling clothes over the rack and stuff you really like to buy but no sizes! But we were SO WRONG. Chitose Factory Outlet Mall is THE SHOPPING HAVEN.

As you can see, we ended up too busy to even take photos of the place.

Damage Report - 2 large suitcase, 2 large carton boxes at 38kg. I will rate this as mild.

Clothes and 4 atrocious pairs of branded shoes for our little rascal

We still have a cupboard full of new clothes. I kept telling myself NO MORE clothes for Jayden but retail therapy is a habit hard to kick. Till date, I'm still buying clothes because GSS is here.

However, it is an irony that I got nothing for myself except some facial products.

And course, the must-get-only-can-find-in-Japan Blue Label

This trip was certainly a well deserved break for Dylan and I. Of course, there was not a single moment we didn't think of our little one back home. In fact, he missed us so much he asked my PILs to send him back to our place to sleep - a more comfortable environment. Obviously, he has been sleeping with us ever since we returned. But we're not complaining! :)

We'll bring Jayden along in our next trip - that's our promise to our son.