Sunday, March 22, 2009

New hairstyle

Over the weekend, we were invited to baby Giselle's 1st Birthday celebration.

And to make sure Jayden went neat and proper, we decided (or rather, Mummy decided) to STYLE his hair for the first time.

A little bit of wax and water did the job (temporary)

Pretty princess Giselle

Look at how much she has grown the last time she attended Jayden's birthday party! Baby gals are sooooo adorable!!

Both very busy watching Hi-5

Of course, the wax couldn't keep the hair down for long. But we thought the hat was quite a neat trick.

Happy Birthday Giselle!

You're finally 1!

Happiness is Cornetto

We merely gave him a mini Cornetto and this is what happened.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

His Bedtime Ritual

It is a good habit to cultivate one to clean up his own mess. However, when you have an over-enthusiastic toddler eager to pick up every single item he finds on the floor, then one would be extra wary of what goes into the bin.

For instance, we found a $2 note and Daddy's credit card the other day. This is the reason why I no longer keep my diamond ring lying around.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random updates

I know I have been lagging of updates.

These days, with a hyper active toddler to keep your eyes on, the next thing I wanna do once the house turns quiet is to be in bed and have my full 8 hours of sleep.

Alot of activities going on for the past few weeks.

In late Feb, we celebrated Daddy's birthday. A quiet celebration at home as a family.

Then over the weekend, Mommy treated Daddy to Sunday brunch at Equinox. And because they allow kids there now, Jayden gets to tag along which turned out to be a terrible choice as he wouldn't sit still.
But nonetheless, that didn't stopped us from gorging down countless of foie gras and caviar. YUMS.

We attended Saturday class diligently. Jayden gets very excited whenever we tell him we're bringing him to school. There will be bubbles, sing-a-long sessions, waterplay, puppetry and lots of freeplay on their own imagination. Many times he will refuse to leave the classroom until everyone has left.

And for the 1st time, he painted. Obviously, he preferred his butterfly and flowers in shades of blue and green. I didn't spot any signs of a Picasso but am sure he enjoyed that moment of 'mess'.

We also discovered that Jayden enjoyed sandplay during class and so we brought him to East Coast last weekend. And true enough, he wasn't the least terrified of getting sand on his hands and feet!

On a sidenote, Jayden's vocabularly has suddently burst out of proportion! He's definitely getting more vocal now and it amuses you each time you try to engage a conversation with him.

For instance... ...

Mummy: "Jayden wanna go school?"
Jayden: "Ok!"
Mummy: "Then you have to orh-orh (sleep) first ok?"
Jayden: *shows the tu-tu unwilling face*

He can recognise all the family members and call them by names now. Surprisingly, he also recognises our shoes as well and when asked whose shoes it belongs to, he can reply the owner correctly! Simply amazing!

Jayden has started to pose for photos and smile when asked to. Of course, the smiling part needs to be improved.

There, now that smile looks better. And I know we need to fix that hair soon.