Saturday, March 29, 2008

He hates it

I am trying not to panic.

We fed Jayden his 1st cereal today. And like every enthusiastic parent, we were hoping to see a very delighted baby - the usual response when solid food is introduced. But to our dismay, Jayden grimaced at every spoonful served to him. I think if he could talk, it would have meant "YUCKS! WHAT WAS THAT?!" :(

I'm trying to convince myself that the reason for his rejection is due to his cold. I asked myself many questions "The mix wasn't smooth enough? Too bland? He doesn't like it? Not ready fod solids?"


I hope it's just a passing phase. We will try again soon...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long weekends are dangerous...

... Because you have plenty of time to think of things to do with your child. To 'celebrate' his 5-month, we brought Jayden to SWIMMING today. How did it end up???

Warming up in the tub. (To protect the interest of the 'subject', censorship is necessary :) )

Jayden starting to get the hang of it...

Can even do backstroke!

After 15 mins, he got bored so we brought Mr Ducky to join him...

And he was once again in action!

The session did not have any time constraint but after 30 minutes, Jayden was still kicking happily. Of course, we had to pull him out before the water turned cold, much to his disappointment.

Don't worry little boy, Mommy & Daddy will bring you to the big pool soon!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Introducing solids...

Met up with Bon today and she presented a whole load of food for Jayden - Cereal, purees and biscuits!

Ok precious, we'll feed you solids when the time comes. For now, it's just MILK. (and make sure you always finish your food!)

The many faces of Jayden

...After much procrastination, we finally bought the bumboo seat for Jayden.

It's amusing to see the many faces of your baby when you put him on a new toy.

P.S. Of course, the excitement is usually short-lived. :( He was yawning most of the time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Always use your head

Jayden has been showing signs of crawling at 4 months but all attempts failed when he tried to kick, wriggle, stamp his hands & feet. So finally, he found the way to get his around...

... by using HIS HEAD.

See how he squealed in delight when he found his new 'skill'. :D

Let time stand still...because...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hair extensions anyone?

I've been losing an outrageous amout of hair.

It is enough to make hair extensions or make a bald man weep at the amount of hair I could afford to lose. Blame it on pregnancy hormones. My hair just keeps dropping, I have hair everywhere in the house, on my bed, even sometimes I find Jayden covered with my hair after kissing him. :(

This is very depressing. Dylan suggest I wear a shower cap.

I hope it stops soon...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When you have a baby...

... Even a queen size bed is not enough for him... Jayden has been sleeping beside me every night as it's easier to attend to the little one when he needs me.

Ever since he knows how to flip, turn, roll, whatever-you-may-call-it, sleeping with him will sometimes result in: -

1) Finding him at the edge of the bed (you'd wonder how he managed to get there beyond the pillows and bolsters surrounding him)

2) His feet 'slapped' across your face (you'd also wonder how he managed to do that because he was actually sleeping in parallel with you)

3) Finding yourself waking up several times in the time whenever he yawns or sighs in his sleep (yes, he actually makes yawning sound IN HIS SLEEP)

4) Finding him turning over to grab your hand before falling back to sleep.

It is really amazing to see how a baby be so active even when HE IS SLEEPING. -_- And this resulted to a very worn-out mommy because her sleep was interuppted several times because of these little night activities.

I must move him back to the cot soon.