Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2nd vaccination

Today, we brought Jayden for his 2nd vaccination. Unlike the 1st time, where we'd worry that
1) It's his milk time when the doctor sees him,
2) He'll start screaming and tearing the entire hospital down because he couldn't sleep,
3) He'll burst his lungs out crying after his jabs.
Today, we felt like confident parents for the 1st time.

After 4 months of 'wrestling' with our little terrorist, we finally got the hang of it, tho still amidst the sleepless nights, the joy he brings to us each time he flashes his gummy smiles is PRICELESS. :)

We took Jayden out for lunch in hope that he'd have a good nap before his appointment at KK hospital. WE WERE SO WRONG. Our restless baby just wouldn't sleep! We were worried that he'd get cranky as his appointment time draws closer.

The doctor did her routine check on Jayden.

At 4 months 1 week, Jayden was: -

Weight: 6.39kg (@ 2 months was 5.29kg)
Height: 62cm (@ 2 months was 59cm)
Head: 31.5cm

Doctor said his weight and height was at the 25-50th percentile. Not very promising for his weight hor. :(

Jayden was doing fine when the doctor examined him. Coo-ed, smiled and even did a short tap dance for her. (We were secretly thinking Jayden was trying to impress the female doctor. Hehe...)

So we thought he should be fine and even while we settled him down for the vaccination, he looked all cool and ready UNTIL the needles went into him and he was a goner, screaming on top of his voice. :( Chey...and we thought he's going to be a hero today.

Tonight will be the moment of truth. I really hope he doesn't catch a fever and sleep well. Let's just keep our fingers crossed...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jayden is a rich boy...

This year, Jayden had his 1st experience of receiving ang baos. And to our amazement, the amount he collected was far more than the amount Dylan and I ever received in our life! It's nice being a baby sometimes! We finally found a new source of income. Heheh...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes you wonder...

... is baby edible? Cause they look so deliciously cute! ;)

Jayden's 1st Chinese New Year

It has been an eventful CNY for Jayden so far. He has been a pretty good boy when he's outside except some places which were too noisy for comfort sleeping.

Other than that, Mummy got the chance to dress herself and Jayden up for the season. Who ever said being a mother meant yellow face with ungroomed hair and tattered clothings?

Well, taking photos with a baby is just as challening...

On CNY Day 1, we decided to have a recent family photo...and amidst the cooing and getting Jayden's attention to the camera, we had other hiccups as well. Such as...

How did it ever happen?!?

Noticed how Mummy & Daddy's smile didn't change at all?!?! It wasn't easy!

Sometimes you wish...

... that your child doesn't grow older. So he wouldn't bug you for toys... ;)

Symptoms of a new mother...

  • You get panda eyes every morning due to night feedings
  • You're constantly looking at the clock to make sure you're on your baby's feeding cue (which means you'll never be late for appointments)
  • You only own ONE bag now - your baby bag that includes diapers, milk, clothes
  • You'll NEVER forget to bring out the pacifier
  • You panic when there's no HOT WATER around (no hot water = no milk = terrorist baby)
  • You tend to look at babies more often than before but still thinks that yours is the cutest :P
  • You'd find excuses that your child's clothes is NEVER ENOUGH
  • You check his diapers every hour to make sure he poos
  • You check on him every MINUTE by his bed to make sure he's soundly asleep
  • You secretly wish that he never grows up because small is just SO CUTE.

Agree isn't it? ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The signs of auntie-dom

You know you've reached the phase of auntie-dom: -

  • When your recent haunt becomes NTUC / Cold Storage
  • When your favourite is either the Diapers / Milk section
  • When you no longer can let your hair down, wear big dangling earrings or big necklaces because your child will just grab & pull at them (*OUCH*)
  • When you even do an Excel spreasheet to compare which diapers is the CHEAPEST (Did we even do that for sanitary pads?!)
  • And suddenly your fashion sense revolves around Baby Gap, Baby Fox or any boutique that has Baby brand
  • And then Level 3 in shopping malls becomes your shopping haven - That's the Children section most of the time
  • Most of the cards in your wallet includes discount cards from - Kiddy Palace, Mothercare and other kids store (you'd wish they even have discounts for milk)

Yes, this is my life as a mother... :)