Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yip Look-alike Meter

Tried the look-alike meter and it says Jayden looked more like Dylan! How is it possible?!? :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jayden turns 3...

Yes, 3 months old. Not 3 years. Our little terror turned 3 months on the 19th. Somehow, he must have known that 19th was his special day that he wouldn't sleep the entire afternoon and kept wanting to play!

This is the end result of an over-zealous baby...

Squealing in laughter with dripping saliva...

Looking back, I can hardly imagine how much he has grown in the past 12 weeks. Just last month, we brought him for his 2 months old vacinnation. Already, he was weighing at 5.42kg and 59cm in length! Look at how much he has changed from 1 month, 2 months and 3 months!

Yeah, the more obvious part will be his increasing hair loss. Jayden is slowly losing his baby hair. His grandma wanted to SHAVE HIM BALD but I protested. It's always better to have some hair than NO HAIR right?

Some milestones he has achieved so far: -
  • Loves talking - coos and ah-goos
  • Lots of thumb-sucking (he's been doing this since at 2 months)
  • Loves blowing bubbles (he's been doing this since at 2 months)
  • Enjoys shopping and looking at people
  • Squeals in delight and laugh out loudly
  • Smiles at you when he doesn't want milk anymore
  • Can lift head at 45 degrees when lying on stomach
  • Reach his hands out for toys hanging above him
  • Grabbing his hair, t-shirt, towel, mommy's hair, anything that he can reach
  • Refuses to talk / look at daddy when he gets scolded

And unfortunately, he hasn't learn to sleep thru the night yet, waking up at 5am for milk. :(

We're having a hard time keeping Jayden 'entertain' all day. He gets bored at the same books / toys he looked at and is always curious wanting more. Well, a curious baby is a good sign I guess. But certainly not a good thing for our pockets. Hehehe...


New Year Lunch @ Hanabi

Ok. I know this post is awfully late but still I couldn't resist not sharing.

So Celeste planned a New Year Lunch at Hanabi restaurant. I hope it starts to become a habitual yearly event for us. :) Last year, we ate at the Line with just 2 couples and 1 baby in tummy.

This year, we have 2 couples and 2 babies in our hands! It's amazing how 1 year can make a difference in our lives.

I realized that taking photos with one baby is tough. But getting two babies to look at the camera at the same time is almost IMPOSSIBLE. We had the 2 Daddys making noises, calling their names, waving madly and after a few NGs, this is the best shot we got.

I would say, the Daddys did a great job catching their attention eh? ;)