Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jayden @ 4.5

We have moved into our temporary home for about a month and a half now. Nothing has changed much except getting used to a new environment and a smaller space. Most of the stuff are still in boxes which we have no intentions of unpacking unless absolutely necessary.

Sleep had been an issue. Not only because it's a new place but also largely due to the unforgiving weather coupled with no air-condition in the house. (YES. NO AIR-CON)

And so to get our minds off the hot climate, I decided to cook (after a gazillion years later) on the HCP (Happycall Pan), which was bought half a year ago!

The son was my guinea pig when Dylan was outstation in KL. Safest choice to cook for a kid - Claypot chicken rice with lots of hot dog. Conclusion: He loves it! :)

Other than cooking, I got the son to understand the concept of housechores. I let him had a go at stiring the hot syrup to make Jelly! He was very delighted of course and stirred it really carefully without getting too close to the fire. End result: Ice cold jelly on a hot hot day!

So at 4.5 years old, Jayden has grown to be quite an independant boy. He wears his own clothes,  helps to do simple chores in the house and brushes his own teeth. Though sometimes, the kiddo does ask for treats in returnbut we gladly rewarded him.

This year on Mother's and Father's Day, we both received a personalized card from the son. Although I cannot compliment on his abstract drawing, the thought of it just fuzzes my heart even though he made our faces green. Tee-hee. And in return my son, we're bringing you to Hong Kong Disneyland in July! It's your first trip to a non-beachy country. We hope to create more beautiful memories with you. We love you too - Daddy & Mummy