Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Fiesta Part 2 & 3

** Part 2 - 11 Jul **

So after the mega drama at Festive, Rach suggested some mind-entertaining activities to wind down the weekend aka MAHJONG.

Despite feeling lethargic from the previous night, I was eagerly looking forward to it as I've just got hold of my personal birthday gift - HELLO KITTY MAHJONG! :D

Maybe birthday gal got some gambling luck? :)

Rach pleasantly surprised me by arranging a potluck cum mini celebration. Cake from Jane's station. Never heard of the place but the cake was mad awesome yummy! *burp*

= Great way to get FAT! :D

In the end, RZ had the beginner's luck emerged the only 'fat' (cash-rich) winner. Thanks to Rach & her hub, A.B.C.D family, RZ and MJ for taking the effort and time to celebrate with me. :)

** Part 3 - 15 Jul **

Not that I'm some egoistical person who needed the whole world to know that I shouldn't be working on my birthday but ME time seems to have become extinct ever since you have a kid.

So this year, I decided to break the ritual and took leave and really do some stuff ALONE and with zero disturbance.

Morning session

Dropped the son at school and Dylan at work then went straight to ECP and roller-blade. It really felt great as I haven't roller-blade for the past 5 years, something which I missed doing. Furthermore, it's a healthy activity! Until... ... I rewarded myself with Mac breakfast after the workout. *gua gua gua*

After all the muscle tension workout, what better way to treat yourself than a nice kneading session at the spa? :) Ahhh... ... life should be like this everyday.

Afternoon session

Well, the idea was to spent the entire day doing things alone which I have never done before. The intention was to go catch a good movie aka Gold Class style but the hub decided to take half day to spend with me. Of course cannot reject the poor man right? :P

And so the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent eating, eating and more EATING! The morning activity did not make me feel any less guilty. *gulp*

Watched Inception at Eng Wah in the comfort of the director's couple seats. Mind boggling movie! And the cast were so drool worthy! I heart Joseph! Never mind Leo. :p

And finally ended the evening with the Son with a slice of banana chocolate tart.

Goodbye twenties! I have had one of the best twenties in my life. I hope I still have the energy to live another smashing thirties!

And that reminds me that I have yet to update my long overdued IC. *sulk*

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yet another movie

It is almost safe to say that we can bring the terror to the movies.

After we breeze through Shrek, Liv suggested that we try out Toy Story 3 this time.

Now, all of us have never caught Toy Story before and so we were apprehensive about the storyline. But after reading the raves from friends' blog and that each of them teared at the end of it, we reckoned that it should be a damn awesome cartoon to catch. After all, this is their 3rd sequel. How bad can it be right?

Well, the son was a little edgy when it got to the middle of the show. I guess he couldn't really understand the essence of the dialogue but still managed to sit through. So proud of him! Considering he's such a hyperactive sort - to sit thru 90 mins is an amazing feat!

So I guess we should be seeing more cartoons from now on. Dylan has not went to the movies with the son yet and he's pretty certain it will not turn out the same way as it did for me. Such a convenient excuse for himself to not watch cartoons!

On another note, Liv just told me the other day that Barney's coming to town. OH NO.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Fiesta - Part 1

Dylan has been lamenting that every year, my birthday celebrations can last for days like I'm the Empress Dowager. Hehehe...

Well, to pacify the sore-eyed old man, I told him that this year would be the last of such mega drama, cause no one wants to know you're 30-somethings and that's really not something fabulous to celebrate about. :p

The original plan was to go for a trip to HK as I wanted to cheong the summer warehouse sales. But it backfired as Dylan has just started on his new job and couldn't afford to go on leave during probation. *pui*

I was sorely disappointed as I wanted so badly to go on a mad shopping frenzy that has been planned for a year! *double pui*

I think I must have stick out my black face like a spoilt child so obviously that Dylan decided to make up for it and booked a staycation at Festive! Of course, I was ecstatic about it! And at the same time very heart-pained at the money cause the blardy hotel cost $400/night!! We could have gone somewhere overseas! *gives a wry smile*

Anyway, the deed is done, so in order not to put Dylan's effort to waste, I arranged for 2 days of full-filled activities.

9th Jul - FRIDAY
8am: Dropped son in school and told him we'll be going to hotel later. Son left for school very happy

11am: Picked the happy son and went for brunch at Prima Tower. Son so happy, he gobbled 3 char siew paus.

1pm: Checked in @ Festive but the hotel is so packed, it will only be ready at 3pm!! So not happy.

So what do we do with 2 hours on hand? 2 hours may seem short when you're on a honeymoon gateaway but it seemed like 20 hours when you have a restless kid in tow!!!

Jayden not very pleased that it took so long...

Dylan and I were so worn out from the previous day wedding affair for our friend that we decided to just snooze the entire afternoon away. Jayden loved the kids loft bed and would request that I sleep with him in it. But I wanted so much to just snuggle in the comfy king size bed!!!

815pm: Had dinner at Vivo before proceeding to catch "Songs of the Sea". The last time we watched it was 5 years ago!

Both Dylan and I are puzzled over Jayden's behaviour sometimes. The boy loves water - swimming, the beach, bath time, anything to associate with water. But he HATES water play, fountains or anything that splash out of nowhere and in your face.

And so, he didn't enjoy the show at all. :(

10th July - SATURDAY

Woke up bright and early! The son literally jumped out of bed and demanded that we bring him to the beach pronto because he didn't get to go the day before.

We went to Hard Rock's pool instead and was pleasantly surprised by the integrated beach pool design. No need to go to Siloso beach for the sand!

Staycation always seemed more like a holiday to Jayden than for Dylan and I. The boy had a whale of fun and even attempted to play Wii Fit which we brought from home.

By evening, my usual gang came along. I'm glad Dylan booked the Family Deluxe room which was spacious enough to house about 13 of us.

There were drinks, catered food, snacks that I sneakily brought into the hotel to feel the hungry stomachs. We did alot of chit-chat, gossiping, played alot of Wii Fit and Guitar Hero, made so much ruckus that the room next door would have probaby thought the hotel was a pandemonium!

Thanks Dylan for making everything possible! :D

The birthday cake

And surely, who can forget the birthday cake. The theme of the cake goes along with my birthday wish for this year and the many years to come - A happy family. :) What more can I ask for?

Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to all my friends who made it, for the presents, for the friendship and everything that you have put up with me. It is with you all in my life that makes everything more colourful.

Ok, next year, I will go in hibernation... ...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Triple Ten

In less than 2 hours time, I shall bade farewell to my last twenties and officially declare that I have moved on to the next checkbox of a form.

While I lament that age has caught up, it also the time when I have grown and hopefully matured with the abundance of life experiences. This is also the moment that I rejoice about the fact on how much control I have of my life - Have a family, a job, being able to splurge on things I fancy, travelling to places of the world, enjoying on tantalizing gourmet delights at the expense of my expanding waistline.

Yes, indeed. Life is good and it's getting better with age. Who says getting older is a bad thing?

Like every other year, my dear friends have lavished extravagantly on me. I am extremely grateful that I have been in their thoughts. So after receiving so much love from them over the years, it outta get into my head that no amount of presents can replace the time and friendship that they have given to me right? ;)

I even shamelessly told C that next year we'll stop exchanging gifts and take the money to go to some fancy restaurants and spend quality time binging and catching up. I was even more surprised with her agreeing straight-forwardly and not thinking I must be some heartless gal pal who doesn't want to put in any effort to buy a gift. Hehehe....

Heartfelt thanks to all my girlfriends. I couldn't wait till 12 midnight and opened up!

And now presenting, my personally hand-picked mostly sponsored gift from Dylan... ... *drum roll*... ... ...

** TA DAH **

Since last year, I managed to convince the man to get me the coveted Chanel bag that I have been wanting so badly! But the other voice in me said to get a timeless watch instead. So after much mind-boggling and months of procrastinating and alot of advises seeked, this is it! I got the watch!

** D-Day plan **

For the first time in my working life, I have decided to take a day off and spend some ME time doing some outrageous things that I haven't done before or for a long time. It shall be an action-packed day.

Please pray for good weather tomorrow! And Happy Birthday to me! :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating the old and new

Towards the end of June, we had two events - the "New" was to welcome C's new place and the "Old" was Dylan's grandmother 80th birthday.


As usual. Dylan had to work on a Saturday. But that didn't deter me from staying at home with a restless boy.

C invited us over to her new abode for a quick dip under the scorching dry weather and we gladly accepted. On the other hand, I suspect she is trying to tempt me to get a DSLR as well.

I always have a penchant for new things - new tiles, new furniture, new appliances, new paint. C's house look so fabulous! You can see full view of the swimming pool from the balcony. It looks so inviting, you wished you could just jumped off from the 5th storey straight in!

The pool looks so crystal blue and chlorine-free!

C just went snip snapping a whole bunch of photos of the boys. And as you can see, they were quite oblivious to what was going on. One was busy snapping, the other was making monkey faces to get their attention.

And the best part of it all? No blurry images! *bites lips* To buy or not to buy?


I cannot remember when or ever did we celebrate my grandparents' birthday. There is a tinge of regret that I never had the chance for the fact that they passed away when I was very young.

So when Dylan told me that they are going to hold a mini celebration for his grandma, I was quite excited about it and even offered to be in charge of ordering the cake!

Of course, the one that had the most fun was Jayden, who conveniently took it as his own birthday - sipping freely on juices and blowing off the candles before great-grandma could even make her 80th wish. -_-

My parents were invited as well so it was heart-warming to see them mingling with my extended family. I know we must do such gatherings more often. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


I cannot believe I have not blogged for nearly a month. Not that I have nothing to blog about but our home pc has decided to conk out on us.

Unfortunately, it is also the only device that can read the HD SD card that has all the photos of what has been going on. And they say a picture paints a thousand words.

So until then, I shall be left busy catching up on my drama serials and convincing my son it's way better than Barney.