Monday, June 21, 2010

The Full Monty

The last time I went to a local theatre, was when I was heavily pregnant with Jayden. C and I laughed so hard, I was worried that she would have gone into early labour.

Fast forward 2.5 years later, I chanced upon Adrian Pang drama company's inaugural production - The Full Monty.

Dylan, being the boring man, wouldn't settle for some high fancy musical. All we needed from our mundane lives were some silly good laughs. So The Full Monty worked out well.

And may I add that Adrian's younger son, Xander is SOOO CUTE! He acted together with his dad and the chemistry was great! The other casts like Hossen Leong and Lim Yu Beng were really good too.

The plot was fantastic, the backdrops were seamless and we loved the fact that I had FRONT ROWS and they really went ALL THE WAY! Of course at the last part, they flashed these super high beam lights at your face and you were so blinded, you really didn't see anything but shadows. Hehehe...

One of the best local theatres I've seen thus far! Go support them!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our virgin trip to US

Nope. Not to the States but to Singapore's Universal Studio.

Rachel happened to stumble upon a movie deal that allowed us complimentary entrance to US Hollywood Boulevard. Although it was only concession to certain parts of US, we thought that it would be a great idea for a simple evening stroll.

** Dinner at King Louis **

First to fill our stomachs. We ordered a Seafood & meat platter and the portion came like it could feed a herd! Maybe we looked very hungry.

Yummy food - BURP


Can you see far far away castle?

Popcorns, hot hot popcorns anyone?

Welcome to Hollywood!

We have Bob the Builder and Mad Hatter Queen

I was glad I brought Jayden to watch Shrek. He pointed excitedly at them when we visited the gift shops. I am only thankful he didn't demand us to buy any of them back.

And above photos (minus the first one) were taken from SY's trusty DSLR. *sigh with envy* Another item on my GSS list?


is the only activity we do these days... ...

And I am embarassed to confess that I have never tasted nor knew its existence until recently. How can one miss out on benedicts for almost half her life?!? It is the awesomest thing I have ever tasted! No more sunny side up for me from now.

So we finally went to Rider's Cafe after weeks of postponing and the lack of space - it was always FULL HOUSE!

It was a pity that Dewi and family had to pull out due to family commitments. Jayden enjoyed the food whilst watching the horse galloping around. Yes, the place was just beside a stable! Didn't manage to take photos of the horses as it was raining.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Technology is a wonderful tool

Indeed it is.

It has kept me connected with my friends over the years. It didn't have to be a daily affair to know how things are going in their lives. Neither did it have to be a face-to-face interation. Occassional chats over MSN, visiting their personal blogs and a simple smiley icon on the sms are all it take to get re-connected again.

Rachel's 1st year birthday

I was invited by Elsie to her daughter's 1st year birthday. I was eagerly looking forward to it as I haven't seen her for a very long time. And of course to meet Rachel for the 1st time in person.

Reading thru her blog, from the time she got married, travelled almost all over the world, and then finally conceiving Rachel and growing up to a beautiful toddler, everything just seemed so surreal.

Back then, we were busy partying, drinking ourselves silly and having the most fabulous X'mas party. And now, we all have our very own families. We're getting so old! Haha.

The theme of the birthday party was Tinkerbell. The gals came in cutesy fairy outfits and balloon wings. Jayden on the other hand, came as "Superboy" - at least that's what he called himself to be. I had a hard time convicing the boy to wear the costume as he wanted to turn up as a Dinosaur!!! How challenging. -_-

Jayden had a whale of time at the party. He liked it so much he almost wanted to jump into the pool in his costume.

Thanks Elsie for letting us to be part of Rachel's 1st birthday. It was also great to see Helen and the rest as well.

To baby Rachel "You're finally 1! Please continue to grow up happy and healthy and be guai guai to your Mummy and Daddy!"

Best Wishes,
Auntie Emily
Uncle Dylan
Kor Kor Jayden

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

His first movie


The last time we brought Jayden to the theatre, he was barely 1. And the boy could easily go to bed at 8pm so despite the loud sound system, he slept like a baby.

Bon happened to have free tix to Shrek and we thought it would be a good time to bring the boy for his first cartoon movie. And so, I have been telling the son about this green thing that we were going to watch - there will be a donkey, a cat and two green things called Shrek and Princess Fiona. Jayden accepted it quite pleasantly as Fiona was a name familiar to him.

To make matters complicated, Dylan couldn't make it to the movie. And so I was once again left to handle Jayden alone. Not wanting to risk having to drag a bawling kid out of the cinema ALONE, I asked Liv along. I reckoned if he was sitting around people he knew, at least it was a familiar environment.

Once again, the boy surprised me for he sat QUIETLY throughout the entire 110min movie! I am utterly impressed because the restless child will not sit longer than 5 mins on a high chair. Great job kid!

I am now contemplating if I should bring him to watch the Toy Story. Let's see.