Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleeping in the buff

We're still wondering who he has inherited this habit from.

Jayden has the penchant of taking off his pjs and diaper in the middle of the night. This got me worried because he is not toilet trained yet!

This resulted in alot of touching and feeling the mattress IN THE DARK.

We have no idea why. Could he be feeling hot? We've tried swopping to shorts but the son just prefer not to wear ANYTHING.

There were desperate times I wondered if this act is even part of the T2 phase?

This may be an urgent sign to start toilet training the son SOON.


... ... TEN is the number of days, Jayden has been off the pacifier and hanky. This time, it went pretty smoothly as he probably understood that he was getting too old for it. No fuss, no whining. I am very proud of my boy.

Today is the 1st day he is at the in-law's place. That will determine if Jayden has truely weaned off.

I am crossing my fingers AND TOES.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A post a month

One of the resolution was to try and pen down as many moments as I can.

But as the kid gets older, your age catches up, the energy level drops beyond the power to even lift a finger on the keyboard - blogging is starting to become a monthly (if I'm lucky) affair.

A run-thru of events...

Jayden was the pageboy for Rach & SY's wedding. Liv helped me to find a Nautica (branded some more) boy suit when she went to States in Dec. Apparently, boy suits are almost extinct here or just looked plain ugly.

The shy boy didn't managed to complete his 'task' to open the bridal door and jumping on the bridal bed. Nonetheless, glad the wedding ceremony went well.



This year, Dylan's family decided to ditch the norm of having the routine steamboat. So MIL whipped up a few dishes instead and even cooked bird's nest for dessert! *burp*

Again, this is the time of the year where Jayden's bank account figures starts accelerating and his parents's account plummets. I wished I was a blessed kid in this generation. Jayden had so much chrysanthemum tea, he calls it the yellow juice now.


And once CNY was over, it was time to accompany our son at his new pre-nursery school. Having attended playgroup for the past few months, I assumed that Jayden should adapt his new school pretty well.


Perhaps the school hours were longer (it used to be 1.5 hours and now 3 hours) or perhaps it's a new environment or even perhaps the curriculum was SO BORING. Jayden fussed alot even when we were with him.

We have been telling him that he'll be on his own coming Monday. Hopefully he is ready to be independant by then.

Playdate with Chloe after school


Monday, February 1, 2010

You go potty, you get a sweet

I have no idea when it started.

Initially, it never crossed my mind to start potty train Jayden as I left the dirty task to his school to manage.

However, Jayden has been showing signs of waiting to go to the toilet. And so, we took out the potty over the weekend and left it in our bath room, hoping for a miracle to happen.

We have randomly told Jayden before that if he needed to pee pee or poo poo, he needs to use the potty (although back then, we didn't even have a potty in the house). Last Sunday, Jayden initiated that he needed to poo poo and proceeded to the potty. And so he sat, and sat, and sat. But nothing came out. Then he asked if he could take off his diapers and try again. And he sat, and sat, and sat again. Still zilch.

I don't know what sweet mother of science struck me, I suggested to Jayden confidently that if he can poo poo in his potty, he will get a sweet.

A few minutes later, Jayden came running to me, diaper-less, screaming "Mummy! Mummy! Sweet! Sweet!" I proceeded to the potty, and found a tiny dropping. REJOICE! My son has finally poo-ed in the potty!

And because parents are supposed to keep promises to their kid, Jayden got himself a sweet.

Shortly after, Jayden managed to squeeze a second tiny dropping and requested for another sweet. So scheming!!!

Later in the night, our son also managed to pee for the first time in the potty.

Are we looking forward to diaper-free days too soon?