Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's almost February!

Everytime when I reached home, showered, settle the little terror to bed, it leaves me just a couple of hours max to have some personal time before we hit the sack.

And being such a couch potato, I often find myself in front of the telly, trying to catch up on the latest news(yeah right) drama series so as to be updated on the latest rave.

I shamelessly admit that the Wii has been sitting unassembled in the living room for the past 5 days. And only yesterday, after countless nagging to the IT goondu aka Dylan, that I decided to fix it up myself. And we only got to creating our own Miis - not even near playing a game of tennis yet!

And hence, I hope you get the drift on my lack of posts. I am just *ahem* lazy too busy.

Apart from that, we had a few 'activities' lined-up over past few weeks that kept us out of the house most of the time.

We first started 2010 celebrating with the Heng's family. Dinner at Conrad's Oscars (yes, I finally got the outdated photos from Cel)

New Year celebration at Conrad's Oscars

Then we visited Snow City, complimentary tickets from Dylan's friend. We were amazed at how spontaneous Jayden was when he insisted to have a go at the 'snow-slide' despite shivering in his pants. We were also astounded at the mad crowd that was queueing up for just one turn to get down the bumpy, not-so-fun, I-almost-teared-my-leggings slide. Basically, that place was a one-off and thank goodness, it was complimentary!

Jayden at Snow City and East Coast Beach

Just last week, we celebrated Olivia's 30th birthday. She requested for everyone to be dressed in red & black. Even the cake Irene ordered was color coordinated and I'm very pleased with the result!

We tried to let Jayden stayed till midnight and he was really determined to wait till the cake cutting. He wouldn't even allow us to bring him home despite being so sleepy. However, the poor boy was getting grumpy and quiet by 11pm and so Liv relented and decided to have her birthday earlier. (Thanks!) And Jayden did finish the big slice of cake and said we can go home now.

Olivia's 30th Birthday celebration

We literally dragged ourselves out from bed the following day to meet Dewi & family to the Science Center.

Jayden wasn't very pleased with me wanting to take a photo with the dinosaur. I even had to explain to him that it's just a battery operated toy and the funny boy requested to check its tail for batteries! -_-

I realized that Jayden chooses his friends selectively. He can be quite stubbon and unsociable at times. He will tell me that he only has two friends (out of 10) in his school. I hope it's just a passing phase and he can learn to open up with his playmates more.

Jayden and Chloe were holding hands diligently while the crazy mom, me, were trying to take snapshots of them. Both of them let go of their hands once I said "Ok!" and ran off in opposite directions. Gosh...they really don't like each other eh?

Overall, it was a nice trip to the west on a Sunday morning. It has been ages since I last stepped foot at the Science Center.

I could hardly remember any of the exhibits except the chick hatching incubator that left me traumatised for months and not eating any eggs.

A new month awaits and there will be more exciting activities ahead - Daddy's birthday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wii make me so FIT

After much contemplation, nail-bitting, hair tearing sessions (ok, all the above actions are exaggerated), we decided to cave in to all the "what-ifs" that has been buzzing around our heads for months.

Chanced upon a Wii fair held outside Carrefour Suntec. Dylan happened to also be at Suntec - it's a sure "must-buy-or-you're-going-to-regret" SIGN. And so, we decided to check out the bundle package. The Wii Fit caught Dylan's interest and being a computer guru goondu, I reckoned that this might help to keep the house entertained - perhaps for the next few weeks or so.

Now, who wants to place bets?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it over yet?

X'mas is certainly over and done with. But the X'mas tree remains in the corner of our living room - untouched. Of course, the kid and presents not included.

We are still hoping for a special vaccum to compact the humongous tree into a tiny tupperware and store it until next X'mas.

Just the other day, we saw a shrink-wrapped X'mas tree at a jewellery outlet, ready to be packed into storage. Now, who said we were the only lazy ones?

Celebrated the New Year's eve at the Marina Float with my usual gang. This is the 5th consecutive year that we do this together - Dinner and then countdown with the Fireworks. I must admit that the mini concert at the Float was flat boring. I wished we could have done more with hanging around a cafe, sipping on a nice glass of champange and yabbering away. Besides, we hardly get to have hearty chats nowadays. Nonetheless, the company was great. And I'm still hoping for a new companion in the group for Jayden. Perhaps this year? :)

Fast forward to 2nd Jan. We met Celeste & family for the ritual new year dinner. This time, it's our 4th new year spent together. Dylan was raving alot on the seafood & oysters he heard and very much wanted to try out. And so, we conned the other unknowing family to Conrad's Oscars and had a great time feasting. You have no idea how much fat burning exercises Celeste and I sweated just to attend this food binging 'event'. No photos available as I'm still waiting for the retun of my SD card. Yoohoo? Cel, you hear me?

Again, 2009 whizzed passed by like a breeze. One moment, I was reminiscing on the birth of my son, the next moment, I am worrying about Jayden adapting to his new pre school. And not to mention planning the next house shift cautiously as that would determine his elementary school in future! How scary can Parenthood gets?!


Two weeks into 2010 and I didn't even had the time to blog about my new year resolutions! I traced back how we spent the last days of 2008 and what my 2009 resolutions were. And surprisingly, I didn't set any goals for myself in 2009. It was just purely time spent with good friends, family and reflection on how much my boy has grown in a year. :)

A walk-thru on what was done in 2009... ...
Jan - Staycation at The Amara Sentosa with Dylan & Jayden
Feb - CNY, Daddy's birthday & Jayden started his 1st class at Grace Kids
Mar - Jayden managed to sleep independantly in his own room
Apr - Jayden contracted chicken pox at 18 months
May - Trip to Hokkaido Japan, also the time when Jayden refuses to sleep on his own again
Jun - Rested the whole month and did NOTHING
Jul - Mummy's birthday! Attended a Jakarta wedding
Aug - Jayden goes to the Zoo
Sep - Jayden starts going to playgroup
Oct - Jayden turns terrible two! Birthday retreat to Club Med, Bintan
Nov - Group trip to Phuket with the gang (Bon, Adrian, Bryan), bought my 2nd bag - Miu Miu
Dec - X'mas gathering with our friends and counting down to the next year

So what will be my 2010 resolutions?

  1. 1 long holiday, probably USA or Japan & 1 short holiday, hopefully to bring Jayden along to Hong Kong
  2. Be more patient to Jayden
  3. Celebrating my 30th birthday overseas with my gfs
  4. Going diving again
  5. Getting my dream bag - Chanel 2.55 Classic Jumbo (when can I own you!)
  6. Staying healthy - swimming and hitting the gym every week
  7. Going health screenings yearly - have to plan one for Dylan soon
  8. Start saving to plan for house shifting in 2 years time
  9. Stay on my current job at least for > 2 years (I job hop every 2 years)
  10. Further studies to enhance my portfolio and of course better pay to fulfil Pt 8
  11. 10 resolutions are hard enough to keep so that's enough


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

His funny words

Mummy: "Jayden, whenever you sneeze, you need to say Excuse Me"

**ahhh choo**

Mummy: "So what must you say?"

Jayden: "Excuse me. Order juice & french fries please?"

Mummy: "?!?!?"


Mummy: "Jayden, what is Mummy's name?"

Jayden: "Em-mer-tee!" (MRT) -_-

Mummy: "NOOO! It's Emily. Now what is daddy's name?"

Jayden: "Dee-NAR!" (Dinner)

Mummy: *fainted*


Jayden sings a song he learnt from school.

Jayden: "Good morning, nice to see your money face"

Mummy: "Jayden, are you sure it's money face?"

Finally heard the song one day and it's actually SMILEY face.


Jayden plays with the balcony sliding door.

Jayden: "Mummy, come sit here"

Mummy: "Why Jayden?" Proceeded to sit down.

Jayden: "Ding dong. Trains door closing. Tu tu tu tu...."

Mummy: "?!?!? Where are we going?"

Jayden: "Next stop. Ang Mo Kio."


It just gets funnier talking to the kid these days. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another bad start of the year

It puzzles me how one can lose his cool to the extend of being possessed, or rather, in my opinion, having anger manipulate your mind and inflicting hurt to your loved ones.

Last night, the son was throwing his usual tantrums during bathtime and insisted on having his watergun - his new X'mas gift from grandma. I have no idea what went utterly wrong in the bathroom.

The father literally went ballistic and threw the watergun, smashing it on the floor. My heart broke in pieces and I'm almost certain it broke the son's heart too. Jayden couldn't stop crying and weeped "Daddy broke the gun. Spoil." My heart weeped as well.

Like an enraged mother, I questioned the cause of his actions only to be rebuked with a malicious answer "Shut Up."

Baffled, Shocked, Dumb-folded.

Jayden crept up to me in bed after his bath and asked innocently "Daddy spoil the gun". He did not whine or make a big fuss. My heart weepd again. "Mummy will buy you a new one tomorrow". Jayden smiled and rolled over to sleep.

I lay awake the entire night trying to trace back the incident, searching for reasons or answers for the cause of his violent reaction. I could not find anything to justify the rights to inflict such a painful memory to my precious son and myself.

I am only thankful Jayden is still young to remember such a traumatizing incident.

Went to bed, with a heavy heart and a pillow wet with tears.

Enough is enough.

I no longer have the energy nor the interest to know what went wrong.

I do not know what is going to happen in the future. But I'm fairly certain that it will never be the same again.