Monday, February 16, 2009

He's finally taking classes

After a series of trial classes from all sorts of playschool, we finally signed up a package with Busy Buddies. Deciding factor - Clean, spacious environment and Jayden actually paid attention during the puppet play!

Our only decent mummy and kid shot for the day

Marking his territory toys

Bringing all the toys to his 'yellow' territory

Further prove...

This week, they're introducing the letter 'G' for Giraffe!

Feeding the puppet giraffe

Painting his giraffe (although most of the time, mummy was doing it)

Obviously, Daddy seemed to have a bad case of rheumatism. Out of the 10 shots he took, ALL were blurred! -_- What's with husband and camera??

Then it's time for sensory - SANDPLAY! And check out that cute ang mo daddy and his son!

Roaming around the garden in a ladybug

So there, we have committed ourselves on every Saturday at least for the next 10 weeks. Means no more afternoon nap, no more shopping for mummy. What have we got ourselves into?!

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is the only time of the year where we get poorer and Jayden gets richer. But at the same time, all of us grow older by a year too.

1st family photo taken on Chinese New Year Day 1. And all dressed in red!

Red shirt, red shoes but no red underwear

CNY Day 1 were the usual places. Visiting our parents, the eldest uncle house which had like 20-30 kids running all over the place! I cannot imagine the day when Jayden decides to join their 'clan'.

CNY Day 2 was more interesting. We decided to visit my MIL's relatives in JB. Thankfully, we planned the drive-thru around his nap time so he had some good rest before terrorizing the house and demanding people to feed him CNY goodies and drinks.

Backtrack to last year when he was only 4 months old. Look at how much he has grown!

Still can't even sit up straight properly and had little hair

And now that he has more hair, they just wouldn't fall in place. Yes, I know I need to bring him to the dresser soon. I am >this< align="left">Happy New Year baby! Now can Mummy go buy herself a bag with your ang bao money? (Just kidding!) :)

Please continue to stay healthy & happy!

** MMR Jab **

@ 15.5 months, we brought Jayden for his MMR jab. We were quite confident that given his age now, he should be quite a brave young warrior. But to minimize the risk of a wailing toddler, we opted for the 'numb' cream which was said to have some effect. 15 mins later, MISSION FAILED.

@ 15.5 months, his status:

Weight: 9kg

Height: 77cm

PD mentioned that he should be triple his birth weight considering he was a heavy infant at birth. We blamed it on his super hyperactiveness. But we weren't too bothered since he's active and happy. We figured that the weight will come in place when he's older.

Today is Day 3. 7 more days to pass the fever phase. *fingers crossed*