Saturday, December 13, 2008

His 1st overseas trip


I know it's nowhere fanciful. But to avoid the risk of having a bawling toddler a few thousands ft above the ground, we decided a short trip would be good.

Mickey & Minnie mouse display at Budget Terminal
Jayden fell asleep the moment the plane started to take off and only woke up after we arrived at KL terminal. So, his 1st experience on the plane ride was as good as NOTHING.

We took the bus shuttle to KL Sentral (this is how Malaysia spelled it!) for RM9/pax. Cheap and the bus was spacious and clean. On the down side, with a toddler, luggage, diaper bag and stroller in tow, we should have opted for a cab straight to the hotel.

At Corus hotel lobby

I have over-estimated Malaysia's hotel ranking. A 4-star rating turned out to be the least that I expected. The baby cot was not prepared as requested. We waited for nearly 2 hours before it arrived only to see a shabby wooden "that looked like termite infested" cot rolled into our room.

No cot bumper, no quilt, no baby freebies, nothing that made us felt welcome as a family.

The room was average. The bathroom gave me the creeps. We had HAIR on the the bathtub.

It must be the travelling that got me exhausted. After changing and a late dinner, we went to bed early.

Day 2

We went to the all raved shopping mega mall - Mid Valley. Upon looking at the audacious price tags in similar SGD value, despite the Malaysia sale, shopping became an agony.

Dylan and I only bought a few tops and bottoms from Zara & Padini.

Posing with a Xmas puppet

We spent the entire morning & afternoon only at Mid Valley. With all the baby stuff lugging around, it was a chore to move places.

Reindeers @ hotel lobby

At night, we combed the streets of Chinatown only to be sorely disappointed at the cramped & dirty walking lanes. Of course, the shopping was nothing to exclaim about. Fake designer bags, shoes & clothes.

Day 3

Before heading to the airport, we went to KLCC. Again, the shopping was a disappointment. So we decided to let the kid sit on all the rides instead.

Mummy, what if there were 2 of us? *mummy shudders*

Do you still remember tele-freaking-tubbies?

Bananas in pyjamas! What happened to them?

I think Jayden was very pleased with all the rides that he slept yet AGAIN on the plane back.

Jayden was on hunger strike throughout the 3D2N trip. He wouldn't take his usual porridge or milk. He even said no to fried rice! Overall, it was a pleasant experience overseas as a family but we reckoned not to bring the kid if possible.

Maybe when you're older little one?


This is my favourite time of the year.

It would mean another year has come to an end, a brand new year awaits.

X'mas always gives me a very fuzzy feeling. The time when you start to think of the people you love, the time when you start to wonder where had time gone to. This year, X'mas is even more special because it's Jayden's 1st X'mas as a toddler.

After years of decorating my dad's tree, I finally get to decorate my own. I'm proud to admit that the tree was put up by me, myself ALONE. Yep, the lazy man in the house didn't even touch a branch of it, though he shamelessly claimed that he helped to take the tree out of the storeroom. *rolls eyes*

Our Xmas tree decked with presents, 90 % of which belongs to Jayden


Presents received at the X'mas bash. Thank you Auntie Alice & Auntie Chersam!

I forbade Dylan to open any of Jayden's or his own presents until X'mas day. It seems that I have 2 impatient boys in the house. THEY JUST CAN'T WAIT.

Well... ... do they have a choice when the head mistress says WAIT. ;)

12 more days!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Childcare day

Many would deem that childcare day means cooping at home, dressed in your most unglam clothes, chasing around your kid.


I shall declare childcare day is FUN DAY.

Celeste and I took the kids to Bambini Playclub at Kallang. Well, driving around Singapore has been an easy feat but this has changed ever since the kid came along. And with you as the only person in the car, you'd have to plan your route carefully.


Celeste had no issue finding Kallang with the help of Mr GPS. And for me, being a Easterner for the past 20 years certainly helped quite abit in the navigation.

Not very pleased in the swing

Even the slides didn't work

And finally the ball pit did the trick!

The boys having their snack time

After play, we adjourned to T3 for lunch at TCC. Surprisingly, the entire day trip turned out pleasant and no screaming baby!

When is next childcare day for us again? ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Barney has hit town

...or rather hit the West side of Singapore. Just like any gan cheong mummies, Celeste and I had been planning to bring our boys to watch the over-rated 'child celebrity' that had come to the most unpopular (at least in my opinion) mall in Singapore.


And just like every other doting parent, we have sucummb ourselves to this fat, unattractive, off-colour creature that have had kids glued to their tv shows, and the parents alot more poorer with their alarming range of merchandise. Till date, Jayden has owned Barney in micro & medium plush size, Barney dining sets, Barney clothes (this is bought by THE MIL). We are restraining ourselves from over indulging for fear that Jayden's future favourite colour is PURPLE.

So last Saturday, Celeste and I arranged to bring the boys to meet their celebrity. With a twist of communication, we arrived at 1pm lost in the crowd of Barney fanatics. Only to realized after the show that they would only come for the 4pm slot. Lucky for them to have got the pass ticket for the photo session taking! We arrived too late and ended up taking shots downstage which turned out pathetic (blame the daddy photographer)

It was still a good Christmas show and Jayden loved every bit of it. He was concentrating so hard, he cried the moment Barney left the stage. -_- Maybe we should introduce Baby (boring) Einstein soon.