Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ziv's birthday

Last Saturday, Jayden attended his friend's 1st birthday.

And as usual, cheeky Jayden was there again to annoy Ziv.

After the boys & the tissue wipes war, off they went to the playarea!

There was...

Jayden in the doggie whatever...
And we had baby Aria to join in the fun too!

Innocent Aria & The Shy Birthday Boy Ziv

And of course, there was the ever-so-full-of-mischief, Jayden... *mummy hides face in the mud*

Of course, they didn't let him off that easily...

But it wasn't long and he was back to more mischief...

P.S. Jayden happened to turn 9 months as well that day! Happy 9 months baby! Soon it'll be your turn! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

His 1st time...

To spend Mommy's birthday.

This year is a special year to me.

It not only marked the gap nearer to 30s, we get to spend it with a new member in the family. And of course, a time where I get spoilt by my dear friends and Dylan.

I think the theme for this year's birthday is - REJUVENATE. I've received presents all related to groom myself, make myself look ravishing and smell better. I take that as a hint that motherhood has made me 10 years older.

There were: -

1) Birds Nest - To re-energize my body
2) Dior make up - To make myself pretty all day
3) Crabtree & Evelyn Full Body Shower Set - If only we had a bathtub at home to soak in! It would be heavenly!
4) Anna Sui Perfume - Yes, I'll try not to smell salty all the time
5) Ipod Touch - My birthday choice from Dylan

And last but not least, to pamper myself, although it came a few days late.


Disneycafe @ Anchorpoint

The celebrations started on Saturday. It was just 3 old ladies and a very grouchy baby.

Liv, Bon, Me, Grouchy Jayden & his smelly pillow

Japanese Restaurant @ UE Square

Dylan caught me by surprise this time by scheming planning this together with Celeste.

We had lots & lots of sashimi platters, beef, tempura and then ended the session with a yummylicious oreo cheesecake from Celeste & Kevin. You can tell that it's a yummy cake from Ziv's eyes. ;)

Bryan's House
Bryan surprised me for the 1st time as well by organizing a get-together at his place. And it turned out to be a mini celebration for me as well. And as usual, my friends know my weakness for chocolates. ;)

1st birthday family potrait

Special Delivery to Office

I specifically told Dylan that I didn't want flowers delivered to my office this year. And this time, he really threw me off my feet. He sent me cupcakes instead.

18 beautifully hand-made cup cakes from The Patissier

It certainly attracted alot of attention from the office and I was made to share them. :(

Despite the eventful birthdays I've had over the years, nothing beats the simple but heart-warming celebration I had for this year. It was with my family, my friends whom have stood by me thru these years.

And I know the biggest credit would go to Dylan. Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy and hubby. Please keep it up! Hahahah...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Proofing

It's official.

Jayden has started to realize the boundaries beyond his playmat. He has successfully climbed over the many barriers of pillows, obstacles and explored the nether regions of the house aka the kitchen, his room and our room. His favourite item of the house at the moment - WIRES.

And just over the weekend, he has managed to climb onto our bed.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bye bye

We have been trying to teach Jayden to do the Bye Bye sign since his 7th month. Sometimes he does it out of jest, sometimes he doesn't at all. So we concluded that he didn't know the meaning of it yet.

Until last Sunday, we were at my Aunt's place having dinner and it was approaching bed-time. As usual, Dylan and I were busy feasting on durians and totally ignoring Jayden's cries for bed-time. (Ok, it was that bad alright) As I carried Jayden, he started waving at everyone in the house. We thought it was just a moment of action until we asked him to wave again, and again and AGAIN! I think it was his cue to say "Ok everyone, I'm tired. Goodbye!" hahahaha...

New milestone achieved!!!

P.S. Although it's getting on my nerves now when Dylan's family starts to keep asking Jayden to wave goodbye just for the fun of it.