Saturday, May 31, 2008

A little something about a 7-month old

I used to be very diligent to note down the developments / milestones that Jayden has achieved and compared it with other babies or growth chart to make sure that he's growing on the right track.

But nowadays, I'm so absorbed interacting with the little one that it didn't matter to me anymore if he didn't achieve any supposedly milestone. To me, having a healthy and happy albeit very very mischievious baby is already a blessing. What more should I ask from the little one?

Jayden has been able to sit upright without support for a long period of time since last week. At first, I was pretty happy that he could manage to view the surroundings from a different angle as compared to his past months of frustrations lying down. But now that the little terror can get up and about almost anywhere, it starts to worry me.

These are the little things that he does to traumatise his mother: -

1) Using the cot to support himself to stand up

2) Flipping over in his car seat and support himself to stand up

3) Crawling OVER the pillows that was supposed to act as barriers when his sleeping (the reason why he fell off the bed and also the reason why now I insist he sleeps in the cot)

4) Head-butt himself in his cot in the middle of the night whilst still SLEEPING. I had to wake up several times to 'un-flip' him back even though he knows how to.

5) Doing dangerous movements and then turned around to look at me with tongue sticking out (he meant to be cheeky)

6) Sleeping face down with pillow suffocating him, sometimes I worry if he can breathes but if I remove the pillows, he'll scream. -_-

Here are some evidence: -

Jayden sleeping face down with bended knees (I wonder if it's a milestone?!)

And Jayden sleeping while sitting upright?!
It is proven.

Then even as a mother, the shopping bug does not go away.

I got a little over enthusiastic when it comes to buying toys or clothes for Jayden. I remembered when I was his age, my parents didn't lavish me with luxury clothes or toys.

Maybe that's the reason why I'm buying them for Jayden now. A side of me to pamper my lil one, and the other side to fulfil the needs I never had as a baby.

8 items. Bought in just one day. Damn the sales...

Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd time

On Saturday, Jayden fell off the bed for the 2nd time. This time, there were no excuses.

Dylan carelessly left him on the bed with pillows loosely surrounded on ONE side only.

This time, Jayden fell head down and cried.

My heart broke again. :(

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have contemplated for the longest time to blog about this. But each day as Jayden grows, the list of things that irks you so much just keeps piling up. It NEVER seems to stop. I need to LET OUT.

I know I should always respect the elderly's advice on bringing up a child. But in all honesty, every child is UNIQUE and being the BLOOD mother, I believe I have the right of say on how I want to bring up my child. Advises of course are generously welcomed, but NEGATIVE COMMENTS however do not improve the situation nor helped in any way!

There are so many situations that are still vividly in my mind: -

Scenario 1
Me: Ma, please feed J with this bottle of apple puree

MIL: But it's sour. Do I need to add milk in the puree?

Me: It's ok. Baby needs to try variations of food. No, You don't need to add milk for FRUITS.

** at night **

Me: Ma, did you feed J?

MIL: No, it's too sour, I don't think he'll like it (without even letting J taste yet!)

Me: ........ ......

Scenario 2
Me: Please let J wear this pair of jeans

MIL: But there's a zipper, wouldn't it 'kiap' his private part?

Me: ..... ........ .... Ma, there's pampers to protect

MIL: You sure it won't 'kiap'?

Me: ........................................................................... *walks off rolling eyes*

Scenario 3
MIL: J is sweating, feed him some water

Me: Ma, he's sleeping, we'll feed him when he's awake ok

** 1 min later **

MIL: He's sweating like mad, let's feed him some water

Me: ............ ............ *pretend to ignore*

Scenario 4
Me: Ma, please feed J with this Cereal (Healthy Times Barley Cereal)

MIL: Has he tried before? Is it safe?

Me: It's ok, baby needs to try variations of food

MIL: *gives the dubious look*

Me: *nearly died of exasperation*

Scenario 5
Me: The Combi Miracle Turn stroller looks good, can consider to buy. Or the McClaren one

MIL: But too big, I can't handle

Me: !!!!!!! How about the Combi 4.2kg one, the lightest liao

MIL: There's no leg stand for the baby

Me: But all strollers have leg stand, what leg stand are you talking about?

MIL: *suddenly notice a gal in a combi stroller* Oh look! that one! I want that one!

Me: *stares at the stroller on hand* But Ma, it's the same model what!!

Scenario 6
MIL: J's got a cold. My kids NEVER got colds when they're young

Me: Wa Ma, Your kids superkids huh?

Doc: J's probably caught a cold. Anyone in the family is sick?

Me: J's DAD (aka MIL's son)

MIL: *keeping very quiet*

I could go on forever. But the list will never end. The issues are so minute I didn't think it was worth mentioning at all. But it's the accumulation of the little things that revolves around us everyday that is driving me MAD.

Give me SOUND advices, not STUPID or NO COMMON SENSE remarks can?

When is it going to end? :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feeding himself

Jayden biting on an apple

Jayden munching on his favourite baby bites


So many mothers have tried to arrange for their babies to attend Gymboree trials. And likewise like many other mothers, I've brought Jayden to one as well.

All wouldn't have been possible if not for a kind October mummy who arranged for almost all October babies to attend! Actually, I was more excited about letting Jayden meeting and interacting the babies than the class itself!

Jayden looking intensively at the bubbles...

Jayden reaching out for a ball...

Overall, the class was ok. Except at the later part when Jayden started to get tired and cranky. But I'm still glad he got exposed to outdoor activity other than shopping with mommy on weekends. Hehehe...

More to come little one!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Watch them grow

They used to say that when you have a baby, your life journey begins from there. How true indeed.

Watching the little one grow each day, achieving each milestones, attending to his every little needs, makes you feel like you're experiencing rebirth.

Every time I look at Jayden's birth photos and then I look at his current self, I can hardly believe that this little one used to be a part of me, 9 months ago. It seemed like yesterday and now 6 months later, here he is in front of me, responding to every sound and sight, kisses and huges. Such an amazing feeling. :)

Many has given their own set of advises on how to bring up a child. Many has shared with me their life experiences as well. But I could only take a pinch of their advises and shower all the love that I can give to him.

For now, I just want to carry the little one in my arms for as long as I can. Although my arms ache at times, I'm telling myself that it doesn't take long before they'll tell you they don't need to be carried any longer.

Jayden, this is what I want to say to you:

Although you terrorize us most of the days, you still never fail to bring a smile to Daddy & Mummy with your funny antics and gestures. I hope you'll call "Mummy" for your 1st word. I don't mind "Daddy" as 2nd. :P

I'm sorry I can't catch your cues sometimes. Please don't cry so hard, it breaks my heart. Mummy is still trying her best to understand you better.

I'm sorry if my cooking sucks and if that's the reason why you're rejecting all the food I've gave to you. I've never cooked in my life but Mummy is trying to learn for you.

If we ever scold you, it doesn't mean that we don't care. We just want the best for you.

But above all of that, please always remember that Mummy & Daddy LOVES YOU VERY MUCH.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Milestone!

After several attempts to make the little one sit (even when supported), today he finally can sit on his own! Except only for a short while before he starts to fall sideways.

But it's still amazing to watch your little one reach another milestone! :D

The trick? Get him a new toy!

Jayden very happy with his helicopter

Smile baby SMILE!

That face... Jayden has been smiling like this ever since he discovered the camera.

My little boy, it's ok to show your gummies even if you got no teeth! (or a growing tooth!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Before going to bed...

I'm struggling trying to read bed-time stories to Jayden every night, in hope to instill some interests to read.

Jayden seems to enjoy tearing reading those 'touch-and-feel' books, and those with mirrors and bright colors.

He was enjoying it for the moment, UNTIL I told him I'll be doing this every night with him... ...

Oh yes little one.. ;)