Monday, April 28, 2008


The week before, Celeste and I decided to pull the boys and the husbands for early breakfast @ Cafe Cartel in Serangoon Gardens. At first, we wanted to have breakfast the alfresco way but blame the weathers for ruining it, we had to dine indoors.

At 730am, the boys were already up and awake. Not wanting to waste time, we decided not to bathe the boys and just bring them in the pjs. Hehehe... Smelly boys...

Jayden was already wide awake and hopping in his seat while Ziv was still in a dreamy state... UNTIL they started 'talking'... ...

Actually Jayden was calling to Ziv because he took his tissue wipes. :P

Well, the boys didn't get to have a share of our breakfast but Jayden sure wanted to get his hands on the omelette. ;)

When is next time?
P.S. Oh yes, Jayden just turned 6 months that day too!


FINALLY! *sigh of relief*

Our little terrorist decides to open his golden mouth and explore food other than his milk. Blur mommy didn't know that he's teething and kept shoving the spoon into his sore gums. :( He must be very mad at me.

Just last week we took him for his usual 6-in-1 jab vaccination and had his 6 months assessment. We asked alot of questions like "How's the head circumference?, Is it too small? too big? Brain ok? Height ok? Too thin? Too short? Why he doesn't like to sit but stand? Why he always sound very angry when he drinks his milk? Why this, why that? And of course, why he hates THE SPOON?" I think the PD must be very relieved that we wouldn't be visiting her until 6 months later. Heh.

All answers were cleared when the PD calmly replied "He's fine, except that he's teething." The blur mommy nearly fell off her seat. "TEETH, WHERE TEETH?" And Jayden flashed his gummy smile again revealing a small white crown sprouting from his gum.

Dylan and I watched in amazement before exclaiming "How come only ONE TOOTH?!" Heh...silly parents...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Big Pool

After watching how Jayden enjoyed the water so much, we decided that we should introduce our little boy to the real pool some day.

So Mummy bought the thermal wear and neck float and brought our little terrorist for a little swim over the weekend.

Jayden in a obviously over-sized swimsuit...

Jayden was having this twisted smile before we put him into the water. I think he chickened out. hehehe...

Starting to get the hang of it...

And he's all on his own! :D Jayden wasn't as energetic as he was previously, but we reckoned it could be due to the sun. He was very apprehensive at what was going on, so he didn't smile much either until we realized it was almost due milk time! hur hur hur... Silly parents...

Until next time little one ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Is it a sign?

Jayden has been stretching his arms out whenever, whereever he is. Is it a sign telling that he's starting to choose who is to carry him?!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st time

Jayden fell off the bed for the 1st time. :(

And for the 1st time in my life, I actually felt my heart stopped beating.

My hands are trembling as I type this and so is my little boy. I can feel his little body trembling against mine.

I hate this feeling. :(

Friday, April 11, 2008

The evidence...

So here's what happened when we 1st introduced Jayden to the high chair, the bowls & spoons and his cereal...

First we present to you..

Bought the avent and combi bowls and spoons...

See, he seems to be ready...

Jayden trying to spit the cereal on my face...

And there we have it. A very unhappy Jayden with his lips sealed tightly.

Ok, we'll try some purees for you then!