Monday, September 24, 2007

Hang in there baby!

Just crossed the 36 weeks mark. 4 weeks and counting... really hope our bb can hang on at least till 1st week of Oct - cross the 37th week mark and he's safe & healthy enough to visit the world.

Experienced some discomfort and pain yesterday night. BB was moving non-stop and that really got us worried. Dylan literally jump out of bed, thinking I was already in labour. I was also freaking out a little and spend the entire night talking to bb to hang in there till next week...

I have no idea how contractions would feel like but I hope when it comes, it's painful enough to jolt me up. Never mind about the level of pain anymore because at least it's strong enough to tell me I'm in LABOUR.

Hang in there baby... daddy & mommy are just as eager to see you too...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

5 more weeks and counting...

... just got back from the 35th week check-up. This time, everything was short and swift.

- Registered at counter
- Headed to do the pee check
- Pee was ok. Weight was not. (put on another 2kg, DAMN)
- Waited for gynae
- Ultra-scan on BB, now 2.5kg
- Headed back to counter to register hospital admission
- Paid nearly 1k for the fees *ouch*

And that was it.

Thinking back of the early stages where I'd lose my way at KK Private Suite, now I know every nook and corner of the place. (I think even when blind-folded)

Everything has been so surreal. From the time I found life inside me, then slowly feeling life moving inside me, it has been an incredible journey. Motherhood is indeed facinating.

Have packed my hospital bag. Everything's almost ready for BB Jayden's arrival. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he'll come out after 37 weeks safe and sound.

Daddy & Mommy will be praying...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Some random updates...

... Baby has been doing flips and somersaults over the past few weeks. Although it's causing quite a bit of discomfort, it's rather amazing to see your tummy move in waves and different forms.

I swear something must be seriously wrong with the weighing scale or either that, my metabolic rate is plunging down rapidly. I literally saw the scale went up the VERY NEXT DAY after my gynae visit. How could it be possible??! The weekly swimming routine doesn't seem to help shed off the unnecessary pounds either. :(

Have decided to opt for the 4-bedder at the risk of having 3 additional 'hopefully-not-snoring' mommies + crying babies at different timing + their family visits. I really hope it isn't that bad. Nonetheless, I'll prepare for ear mufflers for emergencies.

Baby hasn't been moving as vigirously as he should be since yesterday. And that's kinda freaking mommy out. Saw blood traces over the weekend but decided to conclude that it's due to constipation since baby is still moving fine. Would have to continue monitoring baby's movements today. Might have to push forward gynae's visit.

I'm keeping fingers crossed... ...