Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby's 1st gifts...

... ...This year, instead of receiving gifts for mommy's birthday, the baby gets the biggest cake.

Although baby is still 3 months before due, it's heart-warming to receive such nice gifts from people already welcoming for his arrival. :D

His room is literally decked with clothes, toys, cot, stroller, bath tub, more clothes, bedding & bathing sets and mommy just can't wait to start decorating up the place!!! *taps feet impatiently*

The baby hamper was a gift from a close friend & her sister. And the clothing set was a gift from baby's uncle a.k.a mommy's brother!!! How nice... :D

This is the indication that I should stop my compulsive baby clothes shopping already. :(

Can't wait to dress up our little boy...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Forbidden food always taste the sweetest...

Just when your body is undergoing severe hormonal change, your diet plan goes hay-wire as well. To make matters worst, your choice of food becomes limited due to whatever side-effects that were mythed or thought to be unhealthy.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I got a long list of 'no-no's and 'eat-it-and-you-die' forbidden food: -

1) Anything that is deemed to be too 'cool' - Pineapples, cheng teng, barley, del monte bananas, watermelon
2) Anything that has caffine content - Coffee, Tea (Ice lemon tea, green tea, peach tea, whatever tea), CHOCOLATES!!!
3) Alcohol - That's fine with me since I'm not an alcoholic
4) Curry - Which kinda left me depressed for a while cause I'm a lover for curries and laksa and even pratas! Pratas will never be nice w/o curries.
5) Anything RAW - which means no SASHIMI! (Just kill me la!)

Then there were activities that I couldn't do as well: -

1) Any heavy duty sport - which means no more scuba diving!! No blading, no jogging, no badminton, no bowling, basically no sports la (And they still wonder why pregnant women end up being overweight)
2) Any areas that is smoke intoxicated - that means no clubbing, no ktv, no pubs or snooker salons

Seriously, unless you are a natural hermit, such kind of lifestyle literally reforms you into a BORING person.

My only source of 'entertainment' these days are:
1) Loitering around my baby's room and wondering when I can start to wash the clothes and pack them into the drawers,
2) Shopping for more baby stuff although I'm pretty sure we already had enough,
3) Being a couch potato and making your hubby become one too :D
4) Waking in the middle of the night with leg cramps and freaking your hubby out with your piercing screams
5) Looking at your hubby sweat like a tired dog while doing the house chores and you continue to be a couch potato. :D
6) Counting down the number of days to my maternity so that I can have a GOOD break away from work. I'm ASSUMING breastfeeding beats facing the shit at work.

Sigh...I think I side-track from the topic but still... such is my life now...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Choosing names...

I never knew choosing names can be quite a task.

There were so many 'criterias' to think of:

1) A name that everyone will pronounce correctly and not come out something embarrasing
2) A name that is not too common, like Jason, Roy, John, Dick, Harry
3) A name that has both our initials in it
4) A name that we can link to call our next child

And so name-storming started as early as June when we confirmed that our baby is going to be a prince! :D I searched on websites, books, magazines, combed from letter A-Z and Z-A. I couldn't find a nice name to call our baby. :(

We did short-list a few names but we haven't really fixed on any yet.

Ethan - Because Ethan Hawke is so damn CUTE la!
Damon - Matt Damon also not bad!
Elliott - Meaning: Lord is my God
Jethro - Meaning: Outstanding, Excellent
Brayden - Meaning: Brave. But Zoe called her son that, so forget it
Jayden - Meaning: God has heard
Kaeden - Meaning: Companion

I was torn between Ethan & Jayden at first. Jayden so people can call him Jay for short. But we wanted to link the name if our next child is a gal. So Kaeden came into mind. And we can call our gal Kaelyn. :)

Well, still thinking... ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mommy's Diet

Before my maternal hormones started going bonkers, I have always been on a clean diet - Wholemeal bread / Cereal for breakfast, white noodles / yong tau foo for lunch & some light dinner.

Snacks were usually a small indulgence of dark chocolates or digestive biscuits. Not even a tinge of fast food & french fries. I never thought that my life was deprived for missing out on the fast food. Discipline was really important to keep a clean slate of diet.

5 months later, my diet plan was screwed. MacDonalds, KFC, Mos Burger, BK, Long John. I have tasted it all. Not to mention laksa, char kuey teow and carrot cake. I couldn't believe I was taking in all these 'toxic' food into my system! But...but... it tasted SOOOOO GOOOD!!! :(

My usual weekday food plan nowdays would include: -

1) 9am Breakfast: Ham & Cheese Sandwich / Homemade Sausage Muffin / Big Pau / Ba Chang
2) 11am Break: Alot of Some biscuits
3) 1pm Lunch: Depends on inspiration - Usually zi char / mee pok / fast food
4) 3pm Break: Alot of Some biscuits / Chocolates / Chips
5) 5pm Break: Any snack that I can find in my cabinet
6) 7pm Dinner: Home cooked rice w/ meat & vegetables

I feel like a hungry hippo. :( Why must they make our hormones go insane and torture us like this??! Are the cravings supposed to help in pregnancy? Obviously not right?

I just hope the right nutrients go to the baby. He hasn't been kicking actively lately despite the over-indulgence of durians I had in the weekend.

Mommy needs more beef....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I can't help but look...

... ... at the calender, my phone, the web ticker that says I'm 3 months +, 15 weeks +, 109 days, 2616 hours, 156,960 minutes away from my maternity leave!!!!!

Everyday, I look at the calender and smile to myself - one day lesser. I can't wait. My patience had ran dry even before the GSS ended.

I can't wait to wash the clothes and put them in the bb drawer, I can't wait for the cot to be delivered today so I can decorate it with the bedding set and toys I've bought. I can't even wait to dress him up in the clothes that we've bought for him. It's so uber cute!

I guess this is the only form of un-'entertainment' I keep myself busy with these days. Other than the unusual wave movements that I start to notice on my tummy. I still cannot bring myself to believe the fact that there's a living being inside me - INSIDE ME LEH!!! But each time I see & feel the vibrations, I know it's a fact that Dylan & I will soon have to face in 3 months time.

For now, I just can't wait for my maternity leave. I need a break!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Taking the sugar test...

30 Jun 07: Started fasting as early as 10pm the following night. No food, no drinks, not even a sip of drinking water. I had to refrain myself from talking too much lest I stank of bad breath.

9am: Arrived at KK and was ushered to take the 1st blood test. Drawing blood was hardly painful for me but it seems like the intensity for pain increases during pregnancy.

When the nurse pierced the needle down my vein, I was screaming inside "FUCK-IIIINNNNGG PAINFUL!!!!" I hope bb didn't get to hear me. Heheh...

Thereafter, I was made to drink a large cup of 'over-rated-ultra-sweet-sure-get-diabetes' glucose drink. Another patient beside me just smiled weakly and we forced our throat down with the drink. "If you vomit it out, you'd have to come back again to drink another cup" - The nurse said. "No way. I'd just swallow my vomit man!"

11:00am: Went roaming around KK before returning for the 2nd blood test. The waiting was a torture as I still could not eat / drink anything yet. By then, I was as hungry as a cow.

Nurse attempted to draw blood at the same vein again while I screamed all vulgaritires at myself. Nurse shook her head after the tormenting event - "No blood, try again". NO BLOOD?!?

I would have spat at her if I could but I demurely told her to try another vein instead.

11:30am: It's finally over... Made my way to the cashier, took my medication and booked my next appointment.